intimate bedroom ideas for couples

7 Romantic Intimate Bedroom Decorating Ideas

There are seven ideas of how to create an intimate bedroom which you can do for your own bedroom. An important element of intimate bedroom design is how to establish an intimate and romantic atmosphere. This can be done by modifying, replacing and adding furniture and colors for your interior design.

1. Removing unnecessary furniture
Too much furniture will ruin the intimate feel of your bedroom. You need to avoid putting any unnecessary things in the bedroom such as electronics like TV, telephones or personal computers. In brief, you should clear the room from anything that distracts the intimate and romantic atmosphere.intimate bedroom ideas for couples 7 Romantic Intimate Bedroom Decorating Ideas

2. Lighting effect
To create an intimate feeling, the bedroom should not get too many lights. You need to use lamps which are not more than 60 watts. There should be shadows, soft glows and highlights that create a romantic atmosphere.

3. Scents
Aroma and scents also become other elements to create a romantic and intimate sensation. You can use aromatic candles. However, you have to be careful in choosing the scents, so you should select fresh and clean aromatic candles.dark intimate bedroom decor ideas 7 Romantic Intimate Bedroom Decorating Ideas

4. Color choice
There are some colors which represent an intimate and romantic feeling such as pink, deep red and black. You can put these colors into furniture which has a large size and also into the interior.

5. Bed
Another important point in decorating intimate bedroom is bed. You need to choose a quality bed which is made of linens. It should be well-dressed and neat to create an intimate and romantic look.

6. Mirror
Mirror is one of furniture which can be put in your bedroom to give glimmering and shining effects. The effects will give a sexy impression for an intimate bedroom.

7. Music
It may be out of the decoration, but romantic music can create an intimate feeling in your bedroom.

In brief, in order to create an intimate and romantic bedroom, you need to give an impression and a look of it with right decorations. You should be careful in choosing the furniture and interior design to create what you want.

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