Installing A Pool Is Easier Than You Think

Many people believe that having a swimming pool in the backyard is nuisance for maintaining. Perhaps they are right, and that why we have companies which are doing this kind of job. Also, those people think that installing a pool is a rocket science, but I am here to prove them wrong. These are the most often claims against swimming pools, so feel free to read on.


“You do not really want the pool. You are just wasting your money.”
Although there are enough people who think this way, I am not one of them. Before I started digging an enormous hole in my backyard, I sat down and wrote all the things pro and against having this luxury. The result was almost even, so I had to give it a second thought. In the end, since all of my family voted “for”, the decision was made. Also, we have put to the paper all of the expenses, up to a tiniest screw and spare part, and even included certain amount of money just in case of a unforeseen accident, and it fit into the budget.

“So you just dug a hole and filled it with water.”
Not quite as that. It required a lot of on-ground planning. At this point, I have found and called the contractor to see and to give an advice how and where the pool should be settled. He suggested having one of those long lap pools, since our children are old enough to swim the whole length, and sport is an important aspect in our lives. We decided to give its place close the edge of the yard, so we can have the rest of the space for something else. (We are planning to use the soil which will be dug out to make a hill, and to cover it with flowers and plants)

Installing A Pool

“…and you just started digging.”
Honestly, on this one, I agree. After a few days, contractor came with his crew, and we started digging out the space marked. I did not have to worry will it be deep or wide enough, for I had a professional to think about that. Doing something manually was quite refreshing, for this was my demand, I did not wanted to ruin my precious lawn with heavy machinery. As I said, we put all of the extra dirt aside, and because there was a bit too much of it, the contractors got rid of that spare.

“Any pool suited you.”
This cannot be further from the truth. There are several types of swimming pools, and they all differ by the technology applied. We opted for one made of fiberglass, because we were told that the soil was of matching type, so it can be done without any trouble. While construction crew was doing their magic, we departed to choose those aesthetic things such as paint, tiles for the pool surrounding, underwater lights (yes, we have those, it looks amazing!). We took a closer look and explained the salesman what are we building, and we got an appropriate suggestion.


“You are throwing away money on cleaning service.”
In the beginning, I was wasting money on this kind of labour, so I have learned to do it myself. It is not much of a fuss, it mostly requires consistency, so it became sort of a ritual for me. On Friday, when I come home from work, I do all the cleaning, so that pool is ready for tomorrow and (potential) barbecue.

Basically, it all comes to this. With careful planning, all the work was smooth sailing. I have just followed the path, and there it is, I can enjoy the splash whenever I want.

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