5 Clever Ways to Maximize Your Home’s Storage Space

Most of us, at some point, wish we had more storage space. Even if you start out with a house that seems to have a ton of space, you’re probably like most adults in that you tend to collect stuff without necessarily getting rid of other things. Whether you buy new stuff or receive it through gifting, it can start to clutter up your house over time. And the trouble with getting rid of things as you collect more is that you might need that stuff down the road, and you don’t want to have to waste money buying it again when you could have simply kept it. Unfortunately, this might leave you trying to find ways to maximize the storage space you have available in your home. Here are a few smart ways to make the best use of the space you’ve got.

  1. Hidden storage. You may not be keen to display all of your stuff in the open. In this case, storage solutions hidden in furniture can be an excellent option. Your ottoman, for example, could do double duty, acting as both a footstool and a place to hide extra throw blankets, remote controls, or media like movies and video games. You could also get a dining room table that has hidden shelving or drawers underneath for your table linens, small appliances, or serving plates that won’t fit into cabinets. And many bed frames offer the option for under-bed storage of clothing, shoes, or bedding. Some actually come with drawers in the frame, while others could allow for bins to be shoved underneath.
  2. Modular furniture. Antique furniture is nice to look at, but often it’s also heavy, bulky, and rarely conducive to saving space. Instead, consider modular furniture that allows you to start with just a couple pieces and add on as needed. This type of furnishing makes it easy to increase storage as needed.
  3. Vertical storage. We tend to think in two dimensions when it comes to storage, which includes only furniture that rests on the ground. But every room in your home has three usable dimensions, so start thinking up. You can not only add shelving or cabinetry to walls throughout your home for additional storage, but you could also install overhead storage solutions in your garage, basement, or even rooms in your home.
  4. Organization. Perhaps the problem is not that you have inadequate storage, but that you’ve failed to optimize that space. If your closets, drawers, and shelves are cluttered messes, get organized with bins and other appropriate storage tools. You might be surprised to discover how much more space you seem to have once you organize.
  5. Look in the walls. If your storage capacity is at max, you can always look for a solution like Tranzit Moving and Storage to temporarily house extra items until you find a bigger place. But you might be surprised to discover home storage where you least expect it: behind the drywall. Plenty of homes have unused space behind the walls that could be easily transformed into built-in shelving by a contractor (or by handy DIYers). If your house is starting to feel cluttered, simply look in the walls to uncover the additional storage space you’re seeking.

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