How to Get Started With Home Automation

Have you ever wanted to have more control over the functioning of your home, without having to run all over the place and learn how to use a bunch of remote controls and gadgets? Well now you can automate your home and control everything easily from your phone or tablet. Home automation is the wave of the future, and it’s making people’s everyday lives a whole lot easier. If you have no idea how it works, here is how to get started with home automation.

  1. Automate your HVAC system. Have you ever come home on a particularly cold or hot day and wanted the climate in your home to be regulated the moment you walk in the door? Well now you can. When you automate your HVAC system, you can use your mobile devices to instruct your heating or cooling system to turn on before you get home, so that it feels great when you walk in the door, without having to leave your HVAC system running all day long.
  2. Automate your sprinklers. These days, most people have their sprinklers on a schedule, but what happens if it starts raining while you’re on vacation and you’re sprinklers are supposed to be running for a few hours each day? Well now you don’t have to worry, because you can install an automated sprinkler system, which is intelligent enough to receive weather reports from the internet, and will adjust its schedule and the amount of water it disperses automatically.
  3. Automate your security system. Have you ever left the house and realized that you forgot to turn your alarm on? Have you ever had someone housesit and felt reticent to give them your security code? Well now you don’t have to worry about that, because you can control your home alarm from your mobile device with Piper Automation. In addition, if your security system suspects that someone has broken into your home, the alarm won’t just be going off onsite, you will be alerted on your phone as well. If you have security cameras installed, you can receive live feeds on your phone so that you know if there’s someone there right away.
  4. Automate your lighting. Automated lighting can be controlled in a number of different ways. You can have a main hub in the home where you can control all of the lighting, or you can control everything from your mobile device. Want to know if your kids have really turned the lights out and gone to bed, without having to get up and look for yourself. Just take a look at your phone and see if the lights in each room are turned on or off. You can even control the lights from your phone so that your children don’t have the option of turning them back on.
  5. Automate your entertainment system. Want to control the sound, brightness, ambient lighting and other features of your entertainment system? Now you can do that on your mobile device, without having to interrupt your watching experience on the screen. You can increase the bass, adjust the balance of your surround sound, the saturation of the image and more with a few little swipes on your phone or tablet – or you can simply turn it all off if you want your kids to go to bed.

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