5 Reasons to Refurbish Your Old Furniture

If you have some old furniture pieces, possibly even family heirlooms, you know how difficult it can be to decide between maintaining them or getting rid of them. On one hand, an old piece of furniture may hold a lot of sentimental value, and on the other, if its quality and condition have been slowly declining for a while, it can be hard to know what to do. Do you try to refurbish it at the risk of making it worse, and then possibly not selling it? Do you try to sell it as is and see if anyone will take it? Or do you hold on to it and do nothing? Well, holding on to it and not doing anything should never be your decision. The longer you wait to come to its rescue, the more impossible it will be to do anything about it. Here are five reasons to refurbish your old furniture.

  1. Slow down the aging process. Just like us, our furniture has a limited lifetime. Its life expectancy is dependent partly on its material, but mostly on the way that it is treated. If you have kids or pets it can be very difficult to maintain a piece of old furniture, but with a little bit of discipline, most kids and pets will learn to respect your most cherished furniture. The more gentle you are with it, the longer it will last.
  2. Draw the right kind of attention. If you hold on to an old piece of furniture it’s because in some way you are proud of it, so you should treat it as such. If the rest of your furniture is in much better shape than your antique furniture, then the antiques are not what they will be impressed by. If things are starting to look drab, you want to do some refurbishing before it becomes an embarrassment.
  3. Have something to pass on. If your furniture came to you as a family heirloom, you want to be sure you can pass it on to the next generation as well. There’s nothing worse than being the generation that ruined a good family tradition. Family heirlooms carry stories, history, and the memories of our ancestors. So in a way, when those heirlooms die, so do the memories of our family members. If you want to teach your kids the value of knowing where they come from, passing on these historical artifacts is one of the best ways to do it.
  4. Be environmentally friendly. Indeed, the less we manufacture, the less we impact the environment. So the truth is, the longer you hold on to your possessions, the more eco-friendly you are. If you don’t know how to refurbish furniture, you can have someone from EcoCycle Interiors Inc. take a look and give you a quote.
  5. Increase the value. Of course, the better condition your furniture is in, the more it is worth. If you plan to one day sell your furniture to some kind of antiques dealer, he or she will know people in the refurbishing business who can fix it at an affordable rate. However, you will be told that it will cost much more, and thus, you will get much less money for it.

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