5 Benefits of Natural and Organic Bedding

When it comes to looking and feeling good, sleep is everything. However, what happens if you don’t have comfortable sheets and bedding? Indeed, one of the best ways to get a great night of sleep is to outfit your bed with organic sheets and an organic comforter. In fact, making sure that all of your bedding is organic will help you sleep better and it will be healthier. Most sheets are made out of extremely toxic materials. This is especially the case with comforters and pillows – they can have flame-retardants that release volatile organic compounds into the air. The compounds – called VOCs – can cause cancer and a number of other health problems. Here are five benefits of natural and organic bedding.

  1. Fewer chemicals and volatile organic compounds. Indeed, most sheets and duvets created by big manufacturers contain a lot of chemicals. For instance, that sateen look that sheets have – it may look luxurious, but there are a lot of non-organic materials that go into making your sheets look shiny. Also, duvets are known to be chock-full of VOCs.
  2. It’s better for the environment. When it comes down to it, organic sheets require minimal materials for production. In some cases, 100% cotton sheets – from a retailer like The Healthy Bed Store - require only one material: cotton. On the other side of the coin, bedding that is not organic goes through a rigorous process that produces a lot of waste. Not only is there waste from the manufacturing of the bedding, but also when the bedding is discarded after years of use. The dyes can seep into groundwater and cause major ecological problems.
  3. Organic bedding often lasts longer. Indeed, one of the main benefits of organic bedding is that it lasts longer. Most manufacturers of bedding don’t want their bedding to last a long time, because they hope that you purchase more bedding. Moreover, they use inexpensive materials that don’t last a long time. If you want your bedding to last a long time, you want to invest in organic materials. In the long run, you will save money and time by going this route.
  4. Eco bedding feels softer to the touch. Another big benefit of organic bedding is that it is actually softer to the touch. If you have ever felt real cotton before, you will realize that it doesn’t really need all these other treatments to be soft or sateen. For this reason, real cotton also looks more luxurious. If you want your bed to be softer and more comfortable, you definitely want to go for organic bedding. Moreover, you want to go for a comforter that has real down instead of synthetic down.
  5. They offer a better night of sleep. On top of everything, organic sheets will also offer a much better night of sleep. Organic bedding is not only softer – it will also reduce allergic reactions and it will absorb more moisture, which means you won’t have to be rolling around in sweat all night.

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