Garage Door Shopping Basics for Homeowners

Maintaining your home requires no shortage of cleaning, repairing, and upgrading. For starters, you’ll have an annual checklist of essential tasks to complete, including cleaning the gutters and downspouts, inspecting the roof, flushing the water heater, snaking the drains, servicing the HVAC, and possibly swapping out screens for storm windows, depending on your climate. And you might plan any number of updates, from replacing your carpet with hardwood flooring to gutting the kitchen and master bath for a modern makeover. That said, you could also find yourself dealing with other upgrades, either by choice or out of necessity. And one such situation could be replacing your garage door. Here are just a few basics to consider in the process.

The first thing you should probably address is practical: whether you want to upgrade to an electric garage door or continue to use one that is manual. If you’re going to pay for a new door anyway, you might want to spend a little more for this convenient upgrade, especially if you plan to stay in your home for a while. It will not only serve you well for many years to come, but it acts as a safety feature and most buyers will find it more appealing down the road. Another practical concern is selecting a door that is insulated. This could be important for homes in regions that experience extreme temperatures. Purchasing an insulated door could help to protect your car and anything else you store in the garage, as well as make your space more comfortable if you use it as a workshop.

Next, you should probably consider the style of door you want, and there are many options to choose from. A common trend of late is to install doors that offer a faux retro look. For example, you can find garage doors that look like they belong on a carriage house, a cottage, or other older structures. And they often still offer the electric, roll-up feature that modern homeowners crave. Naturally you’ll want to select a style that matches the aesthetic of your home’s architecture, but this trend is one to consider if your home features traditional architecture and you’re looking to add a focal point with visual appeal.

There are other factors that bear consideration, as well. Materials and cost are two important elements to think about when perusing garage doors, and they often go hand in hand. But you definitely want a product that is going to offer you the durability and function you desire, so paying slightly more for a better product is probably wise. After all, you don’t want to find yourself in need of another new garage door in the near future, and splurging a bit now could prevent future issues from arising. If you’re still uncertain about what you want or need for your home, contact the experienced professionals at North Bay Overhead Doors Inc. They can help you select the style that fits your home, your budget, and any other criteria for form and function.

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