Creative Ways to Display Art in Your Home

If you’re someone who has lots of art pieces but you’re not quite sure what you should do with them, you’ll be happy to read this article. That’s because it’s going to share with you some creative ways to showcase your art. That way, your arrangements will end up looking like an art showing rather than a boring display.

Are you excited to see all of the fun things that you can do with your works of art? If so, check out these five tips:

Have fun with blown-up prints. Thanks to the photo apps that are on cell phones, you can actually take pictures yourself that look just about as good as a professional photographer. So if you happen to have some candid shots that you’d like to display, email them to a local Kinko’s to get them blown-up to poster size. They can then attach the prints to a cardboard backing so that you can hang them in your living room, bedroom, or along one of your hallways.

Mix and match framed pictures and collectibles. If you have small decorative bowls or figurines that you’ve collected over the years, one way to show them off is to put them on a bookshelf. But if you want to get a bit more creative than that, how about hanging them on one of your walls? If you interchange them with a couple of framed pictures, it can make your wall appear multi-dimensional. If your plates or figurines don’t already have hooks on the backs of them, people who work at stores like Joanne’s and Hobby Lobby can offer tips on what you’ll need to securely attach them to your walls.

Take the white-on-white approach. Say that you happen to have a few large all-white fabric prints and you’re not sure what to do with them. How about hanging them on an all-white wall? If the furnishings inside of the room are also white, it’s a nice way to add a bit of mystique and at the same time some “pop” into the room – without overwhelming the space. It’s also a great way to make the room look sleek and modern, too.

Use an accent wall. If you happened to go to a store like Easy Pedestal to buy a pedestal for one of your larger art pieces and you’re not sure were to display it, have you ever considered putting it in front of an accent wall? If you place art in front of a wall that is a different color from all of the other ones in the room, that can make it look more like a formal art display. It can easily become a classic centerpiece of that particular area.

Make the most of transitional spaces. Virtually all houses have what are known as “transitional spaces.” These are areas that are small and appear to be a bit empty. It could be underneath a staircase or in a foyer. By displaying some art in those areas, not only does it make the space appear more inviting, but it can also bring more character to a room as well. If you’d like to get a few more pieces of art and you’d want to find them at an affordable cost, visit Apartment Therapy and put “online sources for affordable art” in the search field.

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