Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes That Can Cost a Fortune

If you’ve been thinking about renovating some of the rooms in your house and your kitchen is one of them, that’s actually a really good idea. Aside from the fact that remodeling that space can make your kitchen more functional and aesthetically appealing, upgrading that particular room can also increase the property value of your home as well.

But before you go to your local home improvement store to pick up some equipment and supplies, it’s a good idea to read this article. That’s because it’s going to share with you five common remodeling mistakes that you should avoid – ones that could ultimately end up costing you a fortune.

Poor lighting. Although there are a lot of restaurants that have dim lighting in the dining areas, if you happen to walk into their kitchen space, it’s actually quite bright. That’s because if there is any room where there should be plenty of light, it would be the kitchen. When you’re preparing food and cooking it, you definitely need to see what you are doing. For this reason, there need to be lighting fixtures that provide overall illumination along with task and accent lighting too. Failing to remodel with enough light can potentially be a safety hazard.

No backsplash. It’s not uncommon for people to make kitchen remodeling plans and leave a backsplash off of their list. Although it might initially save them a dollar or two, it ends up being an expensive omission long-term. With the grease stains that can end up on the wall, without a backsplash, you’re well on your way to spending at least a few hundred dollars repairing the wall space behind the stove.

A lack of storage space. There aren’t too many kitchens that couldn’t stand to have more storage space. Yet, this is also a pretty common remodeling mistake. It may be because the kitchen island is too big. It may be that there aren’t enough cabinets. It may be because certain appliances are larger than they need to be. So when you are putting together a renovation design idea for your kitchen, make sure that providing plenty of storage is on the list. It will be a costly mistake if you don’t.

Not adding Energy Star appliances. If you were to consult with a remodeling company like Kitchen and Bath Factory for some design ideas and you were to ask them about another kitchen design mistake that homeowners tend to make, they might say that far too many people don’t get the right brand of appliances. By making a point to purchase the kind that have the Energy Star label on them, you can save as much as 30-40 percent annually on your energy bills. For more information on Energy Star appliances, visit

Failing to use a professional contractor. Out of all the kitchen remodeling mistakes that have been mentioned, perhaps the greatest one of all is that so many people decide to do their own renovations without at least speaking with a professional contractor first. Although there are websites like DIY Network, This Old House, and BHG that can provide you with instructions on how to do minor upgrades, when it comes to major projects, it’s always wise to get someone with lots of experience. That way, it can be done right the first time – which will save you money in the long run. For tips on how to find a reputable contractor, visit Money Crashers and put “find a good contractor for home improvements” in the search field.

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