5 Factors to Consider Before Signing an Apartment Lease

If you’ve recently been on the hunt for the perfect apartment and you feel that you’ve finally found it, congrats! It’s really exciting whenever you can find a place to call home. But before you put down your deposit and first month’s rent or get a moving truck for your furniture, the first thing that you need to do is sign your lease. And being that a lease is a contract, it’s important that you first take the following five things into consideration:

Make sure that the lease matches what you’ve been told. When the property manager first showed you around the apartment, being that they were trying to get you interested enough to want to move in, they probably told you all kinds of great things about the area, the amenities and the floor plan. But as you’re looking over the lease, make sure that what it says matches up with what you were told. And if there are some contradictions, make sure not to overlook them. It’s important that you know exactly what the lease is conveying before you sign on the dotted line.

Make sure that you confirm whether or not there are additional fees. When it comes to things like utilities, pets and certain features that may be offered such as a washer and dryer or Wi-Fi, it’s imperative that you know what you’re responsible for paying and what the apartment company will take care of. For instance, if it’s advertised that you’ll get free water, confirm if that’s for a certain amount of time or if it’s until you’re ready to move someplace else.

Make sure that you know what the decorating rules are. Although there are a lot of benefits that come with living in an apartment, something that you must keep in mind is that you’re renting the space. This means that the apartment company has every right to not want you to paint or change the flooring or do anything else (drastic) that relates to the decor. That’s not to say that some property managers will not allow certain changes to be made. Just make sure that before you do anything that you see what the lease says about it. Otherwise, you could end up losing your deposit or being charged a pretty hefty fine.

Make sure that you’re clear about subletting or getting a roommate later. Whether you’re checking out some apartments from Urbana properties or some New York luxury apartments, something else that you need to take into consideration is if you wish to sublet the apartment or perhaps get a roommate at a later date. Although in most cases, neither of these should be much of an issue, it’s still a good idea to ask what the specific stipulations are concerning both.

Make sure that you understand the lease termination policies. Finally, when it comes to your apartment rental, it’s always a good idea to know the details that relate to terminating your lease. Does it automatically renew? Do you have to resign every year? Is it a month-to-month lease? What are the penalties for breaking the lease? By knowing all of this information beforehand, you won’t have to worry about being caught off guard should you want to stay longer or if you would prefer to move once your lease is up. If you’d like to see a copy of standard apartment leases, visit Tidy Form and put “rent and lease templates” in the search field.

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