5 DIY Home Construction Project Safety Tips

If you are taking on a DIY home building project, it is important to know that safety trumps all. When you are working with heavy tools, sharp blades, noxious chemicals, and balancing on ladders, there is a significant risk for injury and even death. At the top of the list are falling injuries; right under that are saw blade or knife injuries; and after that are injuries resulting from falling items, like beams and ceiling boards. Indeed, this is why construction safety is so critical. Here are five DIY home construction project safety tips.

  1. Make sure to protect your head and eyes. On a construction site, your head and eyes are incredibly important to protect – mainly because they are the most vulnerable. Not only can things like nails and screws fly off drills and into your eyes, but so can shards of wood and shrapnel. Moreover, it is important to cover your head because things from above can fall.
  2. Make sure to prep the work area. It is also imperative that you prep the work area – you want to make sure that everything is clean and prepared for the construction process. If you don’t have a designated area where you can cut wood and lay tools, you will be fumbling around. Anytime that you fumble on a construction site you are essentially increasing the risk for injury. In addition, if you are working on your roof, you may want to install scaffolding and install it before you begin construction.
  3. Make sure to give yourself a safety overview. If you aren’t sure what some of the most basic safety precautions are, or if you are not familiar with the construction process, you may want to hire a company – like the Construction Safety Experts - to train you and your crew. Having this training can be incredibly valuable and it will allow you to be totally prepared and protected before you begin your project. Getting adequate training is especially important if you have hired people to work with you.
  4. Make sure that you clean up and keep things organized. At the end of the workday, you want to make sure to put tools and other items away. If you don’t do this every single day, the tools will start to build up and your work site will start to look incredibly disorganized. The last thing you want is to trip on a live nail gun or even trip over a wire and fall. Simply cleaning up will go a long way in making your project safer and more manageable.
  5. Make sure not to stretch things past the point where you feel comfortable. On top of everything, you want to trust your instinct when it comes to safety. If you aren’t sure about something or if you don’t feel safe, you need to take a step back and consider other options. For instance, if a ladder feels too rickety, you may not want to climb it. In the end, trusting your own limits of balance and capacity may just save your life when working on a DIY home construction project.

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