5 Helpful Long Distance Moving Tips to Save You Money

The decision to move is a big one, and should be a very exciting time! Especially in the case of a long-distance move, people want to focus on the positive changes ahead and building their lives in a new city. What they don’t want is to be plagued by stress over moving details. Usually, most of the stress comes from lack of planning.

When planning a long distance move, it’s important to take the time to prepare. If you do your research and use the right resources, you can save huge amounts of money and heartache. Here is a list of 5 tips for preparing for your long distance move:

  1. Hire the right moving company: Most moving companies have websites that list their full range of services and offer testimonials from previous clients. If you can’t find positive testimonials or reviews, you might want to keep looking. Not all moving companies are full-service, so make sure to educate yourself about what you can and cannot expect from them. Full-service companies like Falcon Six Movers in South Florida can make it easier by consolidating the process and allowing you to deal with only one company and one bill.
  2. Get insurance: To make sure that you stay as care-free as humanly possible during this time of transition, buying insurance on your move will give you peace of mind that even if there is an unexpected bump in the road along the way, you will be covered.
  3. Timing your move appropriately can save you money: Most people move during the summer, and July is the most popular month for people to move. If possible, it’s good to avoid moving then because it can be hectic. Most people move at the very beginning or very end of the month, so moving toward the middle of the month can reduce your rate. If possible, planning your move some time between April and October is likely to get you the best rate. Moving during these slower months can also save you money on lodging and gas if you plan to travel by car for a long distance en route to your new home.
  4. Remember to deduct moving expenses during tax season: Many moving expenses can be a tax write-off under the right circumstances. There are four different tests that need to be met under tax laws in order to qualify you for moving expenses. You can go on the IRS’s website for more information to find out if you qualify. The information will be listed under publication 521 at irs.gov.
  5. Purge your excess belongings: This is great to do any time you move, but it can be especially advisable in the case of a long-distance move because the cost for moving your possessions will be higher the more you plan on bringing. It’s best to go through your household belongings about six weeks before your moving date. In many cases, it’s smart to have a yard sale and use the proceeds to defray the cost of the move. Selling belongings on websites like Craigslist can also serve the same purpose. Again, this is best to do as early as possible to avoid last-minute stress.

Remember, moving should be an exciting time and doesn’t have to be stressful if you’ve planned accordingly!

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