How UV Lights Can Purify the Air in Your Home

If there is one thing that all of us want to feel inside of our homes, it’s safe. That’s why we have locks on our doors and house alarms are installed. But have you ever taken out a moment to think about what the indoor air quality inside of your house may be? According to several published reports on the topic, the level of air pollution inside of our homes is as much as 2-5 times worse than what is going on outside of it.

And while you can do things like change your air filters and use homemade cleaning products in order to reduce the air pollution in your house, there is something else that you should definitely consider doing: installing a UV light system. If you’re curious to know about some of the ways that doing so can directly impact the air quality inside of the rooms of your house, please keep reading.

How UV Lights Work

What UV stands for is “ultraviolet.” These kinds of lights are basically an invisible form of electromagnetic radiation. Being that UV light carries more energy than visible light, there are studies which indicate that is actually has the capability of being able to help to produce Vitamin D while also destroying many harmful microorganisms. Since it can literally break down the DNA of tiny particles of things like germs before they touch household surfaces, it helps to make your house a safer environment.

So, what is the best way to install UV lights? That’s a really good question. Basically what you do is place one inside of the ductwork of your HVAC unit. That way, whenever your HVAC unit cuts on, the light will help to catch the bacteria and fungi that a standard air filter may miss.

For the record, there are other places that you can install UV lights such as your indoor heat pump’s coil. However, a lot of professional technicians would advise against it. The reason why is because while it can hinder mold and mildew, at the same time, the light inside of it could hinder the heat pump’s level of performance.

How UV Lights Improve Indoor Air Quality

If you’re curious to know about some of the specific ways that UV lights can improve the indoor air quality that’s inside of your home, there are actually several. Although they are not able to reduce the humidity in your home, they are effective at killing the kinds of pathogens that lead to mold growth. Also, if you or someone in your family deals with respiratory problems or a long-term illness, UV lights will impede the spreading of germs. For instance, if someone has a cold or the flu in one room and they cough, if there is a UV light inside of your ductwork, that will prevent the germs from moving into another room inside of the house. There are also reports which indicate that UV lights have the ability to kill the bacteria that causes tuberculosis. Plus, there have been studies conducted in hospitals citing that operating rooms that do not have UV lights inside of them are three times more likely to expose a patient to some sort of infection.

Another great thing about UV lights is that they are easy to install, they’re low maintenance, and they are easier on HVAC units than air filters. This means that if saving money on your AC bill is a big priority to you, using UV lights can assist you with reducing your energy costs. For information on how to install an UV lighting system into your home, go to your favorite search engine and then put “UV lighting system” along with your city and state in the search field.

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