How to Repair Your Dented Appliances

Even though appliances are built to take on the brunt of daily activities, they can still get damaged. Usually, the damage is merely superficial – a dent here and there. All you have to do is fix the dent and the appliance will look good as new. However, there are varying degrees of how bad a dent can get. Some dents can actually affect the appliance’s working ability – a piece of metal may be so warped that it is blocking the on and off button or another essential function. Other dents may take away from the aesthetic value of your home. Regardless, though, it is imperative to fix the dent sooner rather than later. Here is how to repair your dented appliances.

First, you want to see if you can pull out the dent yourself. In some instances, you may be able to. If the dent looks like it is small enough to pop out, you can simply pop out the dented area. For instance, you may be able to open the side of your stove and pop the metal back into place – with some finagling, of course. You should not attempt this if popping out the metal will damage the appliance further. Moreover, you should not attempt this if it will result in you getting injured.

Another option is to simply remove that part of the appliance and place another part on. You can easily research and find appliance repair parts online. Just look for the particular appliance that you want to repair and then narrow in on your search by looking for specific parts. In some cases, you may have to repair a large portion of the appliance, which could require an investment. However, it will be worth it when you see that your appliance is back in working shape again.

Next, you may be able to pull the dent out using a suction cup device. These are the devices they use on vehicles – to pull dents out of the metal. You can usually find these suction devices at your local hardware store or home supply shop. Another option is to look online. In most cases, these devices are easy to use and don’t require any batteries or power. You just plug in and pull. You will hear a pop and the dent should come out. On top of picking up a suction device, you may also want to pick up a little enamel paint that matches the appliance’s color – just in case you have chipping.

In the end, repairing dented appliances is easy. All you have to do is assess the damage and then try to pop the dent out. If the dent is particularly severe, you definitely don’t want to try and fix it on your own. You could seriously injure yourself or you could damage the appliance. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you should be able to get your appliances looking like new again. In the end, keeping your appliances looking new will maintain the aesthetic value of your home and the resale value of various appliances.

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