How to Stay Safe and Cool at Home During a Heat Wave

Heat waves can be rough, especially when the temperatures cross over that dreaded triple-digit mark. If you live in a region where it gets particularly warm in the summertime, it is important to take measures to beat the heat and to make your home more impervious to the hot weather. Staying cool is critical – for the sake of your comfort and your health. As far as your comfort is concerned, there are many ways to manage the climate in your home so that you can enjoy those days off without drowning in the sweltering heat. If you have a compromised immune system or if you are particularly prone to illness, the heat can be especially damaging. Here is how to stay safe and cool at home during a heat wave.

  1. Make sure to drink plenty of water with ice. Drinking water is important even when it isn’t hot out, but when there is a heat wave, you want to make sure to keep a water jug on standby. Making sure that you are hydrated may be a matter of life and death.
  2. Make sure to limit the use of your stove. Your stove can be sort of like a furnace in the summertime – especially during a long heat wave. This is why you want to refrain from using your stove during these long heat spells. If you do make food on the stove, you want to use the vent on high to make sure all the cooking emissions don’t spread heat to the rest of your home.
  3. Make sure to run your electric fans. If you have electric fans, you want to use them – they’ll be your saving grace during a heat wave. Not only will they move the air around your home, but they will also provide a cooling breeze, which can be incredibly refreshing. If you don’t have ceiling fans, you may want to either invest in some, or you may want to purchase some portable floor fans – those can often work just as efficiently as ceiling fans.
  4. Make sure that your air conditioning system is working. When it comes down to it, your air conditioner will be a lifesaver in the summertime – possibly literally. This is why you want to make sure your air conditioner is in tiptop, working condition. If you have a heat pump system, you want to make sure the outdoor condenser unit doesn’t have debris blocking the fan. Heat pumps work by transference of energy, so you don’t want to let the condenser unit break down.
  5. Make sure to keep your body temperature down. On top of everything, you want to do everything you can to keep your body heat down. When you are hot, the climate feels a lot more brutal. Drinking water helps, but you may also want to take a cool shower or a dip in a cool pool. You also want to stay away from meals that are too rich in protein because your body expends a lot of energy to digest protein-rich meals. In the end, if you are cooler, it will be a lot easier to function and stay safe during a scorching heat wave.

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