5 Reasons It’s Important to Air Seal and Insulate Your New Home

When you first moved into your new house, you were probably not thinking a lot about topics like air sealing and insulation. After all, you were excited about other things like decorating and doing all that you could to make your house feel like an actual home.

But the reality is that if you don’t take the time to seal and insulate your new place, you could end up sending more money than you would like to when it comes time to pay your energy bills. That’s because a lack of sealing and insulation can lead to air and water leaks that can make living in your house uncomfortable and expensive, too.

This is the general reason why it’s such a good idea to seal and insulate your home. However, if you’d like some more specific reasons for why it’s such a smart thing to do, here are five of them:

It helps keep your home at an even temperature. If in your previous house, you noticed that some rooms in it felt drastically different in temperature than others, there’s a pretty good chance this was due to the fact that there were some drafts somewhere inside (most likely around your windowsills and doors). And when you were in the process of trying to get your home to feel comfortable, you probably adjusted your thermostat a lot and ultimately wasted energy. This is one reason why you need to seal your windows and doors – and also make sure that your attic has 12″ of some kind of insulation. These things will help to better protect your home from outdoor weather elements and make your home feel more even temperature-wise as a direct result.

It reduces noise. There’s a pretty good chance that before you even moved into your home, you checked with a real estate agent or some of your neighbors to see how loud the area tended to get. But if you’re curious to know about something that you can do to decrease outdoor noise levels, air sealing and insulation are quite helpful. By doing both things, you can buffer a lot of loud sounds, not just outside of your home, but as you go from room to room in your home, as well.

It keeps pests at bay. No one wants to walk into a room and see spiders, crickets, or ants. But there’s a pretty good chance that this is exactly what you will encounter if you have small holes and cracks around your windows, doors, or in the foundation of your basement. Air sealing can significantly decrease your chances of this becoming an issue.

It prevents water and ice damage. If you were to read an article on the benefits of attic ventilation and insulation, one of the things that it might mention is that they both can help to keep water and ice from coming into your house. That’s because ice dams tend to form when there are air leaks on the underside of your roof. In fact, preventing water and ice damage is another reason to air seal and insulate your entire living space. During the winter season, when there are air leaks in your home, water and ice can trickle in and damage your ceilings, your walls, and your pipes, too. Air sealing is a remedy for those kinds of winter-related household problems.

It saves you money. With all of the reasons that have been shared about why it’s such a good idea to air seal and insulate your house, perhaps the greatest benefit that comes from doing it is that ultimately it will save you a lot of money. Not only when it comes to energy costs, but house maintenance and repairs, too. For information on how to air seal and insulate your home on your own, visit DIY Network and put “air seal and insulate” and “home” in the search field.

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