Top 5 Tips for Building Your Green Dream Home

The dream home of today is all about net zero energy – not a white picket fence. With the environment the way it is and global weather patterns getting more and more severe, homeowners are trying to find a way to blend the home of their dreams with visions of the future. This is where green building comes into play. There are numerous ways to build a home that will use significantly less energy. Not only will this reduce the homeowner’s carbon footprint, but it can also help save money in the long run, especially if many of the utilities are self-sustainable. Here are the top five tips for building your green dream home.

  1. Hire the right green builder. Before you start building, you want to find a builder that specializes in green design. These days, green builders are a lot easier to find, so you won’t have too much trouble. For instance, Varco Pruden Buildings offers green home building that uses some unique materials, like steel. When you work with a green homebuilder, make sure that you remain open to ideas and suggestions.
  2. Make sure your contractor is licensed. Not all contractors are licensed to oversee green buildings. Unlicensed contractors can still legally oversee the building of green homes, but they often don’t have the experience or the knowhow. This is exactly why you want to check a particular contractor’s certification before you make a hiring decision. The last thing you want is to end up with an inferior green home.
  3. Find a lender that offers green home building loans. Some lenders will offer unique financing opportunities to people who decide to go green when building their dream home. Instead of going to your bank, you may be able to get a bigger loan – with better terms – from a green lender. Most of these lenders are put in place by green initiative committees that have investors and other shareholders. They may be trying to capitalize on the global green craze, but if it lets you build your dream home, it is definitely worth it.
  4. Have all the right documentation. Whenever you build a home in a certain community, you often have to get the permission of neighbors and the surrounding community. If you are building a big home, your neighbors may not be totally accepting, especially if the home blocks a view. This is why you want to have all the right documentation that proves you are building a green home – people will be a lot more willing to accept your proposal. Moreover, it will reduce community tension once your home is built.
  5. Make sure that all the utilities are in place before construction is complete. When you build a green home, you will often be utilizing green technologies for things like water and power. For instance, you may install a rainwater tank to collect water for your home. Moreover, you may install solar panels to remove yourself from the city power grid. In the end, you want these systems to be fully in place before you finish construction of your green dream home.

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