5 Helpful Tips for Cleaning and De-Greasing Stove Range Hoods

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, if there’s one chore that you probably dislike doing, it’s cleaning your stove range’s hood. That’s pretty understandable being that over time, it tends to collect a lot of grease. And while the cleaning process certainly requires a bit more elbow grease than other items inside of your kitchen space, if you follow the following five tips, it should help you to have your range hood looking like new in no time.

Remove and inspect the filter. After turning the power off of your range hood (you can do this by turning the power off on your circuit breaker), the next thing that you should do is remove the filter. Usually filters are attached with screws. So, once you remove them, make sure to place them somewhere that they won’t get lost. Then take a moment to inspect the filter. If you’ve been using a charcoal filter, you will need to dispose of it and replace it with a new one. If it’s a reusable one, set it aside for cleaning.

Clean the cover. The next thing that you will need to do is clean the cover of the hood range. All you need to do is mix a solution of one-part water and one-part dishwashing liquid (one that is considered to be a degreaser). Make sure that you use a clean rag or sponge so that you don’t end up accidentally scratching the hood in the process.

Clean the hood. Now it’s time for the most challenging part: the hood. First, make sure to put on some rubber gloves to protect your hands. Next, spray the hood with a degreasing agent like an all-purpose cleaner. If you would prefer to try something that has less chemicals, Wiki How is one website that has several natural degreaser recipes featured on it. Simply go to the site and put “make a natural degreaser” in the search field. Then get a small bucket and put some warm water mixed with baking soda and dishwashing liquid inside of it. In another bucket, pour some warm water. Then, with a clean rag, alternate between the two buckets until your hood is clean again. (Should take about 20 minutes).

Clean or replace the filter. If you went to a website like HoodFilters.com for tips on how to clean your kitchen hood, one of the things that it would probably tell you is that before reassembling the hood, you need to either clean or replace your filter. Again, if it’s a filter that’s made out of charcoal, make sure to replace it. Otherwise, let your filter soak in the same solution you used to clean your hood for about 15 minutes. Then scrub the filter, rinse it thoroughly and reattach it.

Reassemble the hood. The final step in the process is to reassemble the hood. Just make sure that you do it in the reverse order that you took it apart. Once the hood is reattached, you can turn your circuit breaker back on and your stove range hood is at your service once again!

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