Top 5 Tips for Planning Window Placement in Your Home

When it comes down to it, choosing windows is the easy part – it is choosing the placement of the windows that is the hard part. If you are currently in the exciting, but also daunting, situation of remodeling your home or building a home from scratch, you may by faced with this quandary. You may want to put a window against one wall, but realize that the sun is just too powerful. Moreover, you may have built your home to look out at an amazing view, but you may have to get creative when it comes to placing windows that makes looking at the view an enjoyable daily experience. Here are the top five tips for planning window placement in your home.

  1. Imagine if your home had no windows at all. When you are purchasing windows – from a company like The Window Source of The Mid-South - you want to be careful where to place them; you can’t just pick a spot and then build a frame. One of the best ways to visualize the place to install windows is to imagine what your home would look like with no windows at all – where would the most ideal place for windows be? This little exercise will help out a lot when deciding on placement.
  2. Place for the view, but not the view alone. When you are placing windows, you want to think about the view. However, the view shouldn’t be the only factor. If you let the view dictate where you put windows, you could be dealing with a serious mess on your hands – window placement will be chaotic and disorganized. This is why you don’t want to let the view rule your decision making process.
  3. Think about light. Light is also an important factor when deciding where to put windows. Usually, you want to build the biggest windows on the southern side of your home, because light from this direction will offer the most illumination. Ideally, you want to stay away from too many north-facing windows, because the light can be too harsh and it can disrupt the flow of your home. Western light can be beautiful, but only in moderation – for most of the day, western-facing windows won’t shine enough light.
  4. Understand the function of certain rooms. It is also important to think of the function of certain rooms before you start cutting holes in the wall for windows. For instance, you probably don’t want too big of a window in the bedroom – this is where you want to sleep and darkness is important. However, your kitchen may need more light, so you may want to think of placing more windows in your kitchen to provide ample illumination for cooking and socializing.
  5. Get creative. It can also help to get a little creative. You don’t necessarily need to go for the traditional placement of windows. For instance, if you have some beautiful trees around your home, you may want to go for some transom-style windows at the top of your walls – these windows can look out at the sky and provide some beautiful light. In the end, creativity will go a long way when placing windows in your home.

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