How to Remove Odors From Upholstery

While steam cleaning the carpet is a great way to remove odors, you might be hesitant to douse the furnishings and other plush surfaces in your home with water and shampoo. And rightly so. If these items don’t dry out, you could end up dealing with far worse problems than odors, like mold and mildew (which can also be smelly, for the record). So how do you go about removing unwanted odors from the upholstered items in your home? As it turns out, there are several options you can pursue. Here are a few that could solve your odor issues.

The first thing you might want to do is determine the cause of the odor, whether it’s simply the scent of sweat, it’s coming from pet dander or pet waste (yes, some animals spray on the furniture), or another culprit is causing the stench. There are two reasons for finding the source. For one thing, you should probably eliminate whatever is causing the odor in the first place. Otherwise it could return even after you’ve treated the upholstery. And secondly, knowing where the odor comes from could help you to select the appropriate cleansing and deodorizing products. Pet urine odors, for example, can be difficult to eradicate via standard solvents. But if you purchase a product that is specifically designed to target pet scents you have a much better chance of getting rid of the offending odor for good.

That said, there are several potential treatments for your upholstery and related odor issues. If you want to use natural means of eliminating scents, you could opt for either baking soda or vinegar treatments. Baking soda is probably the easiest since all you have to do is sprinkle it on upholstery, wait for a while, and then vacuum it up along with the odors. But if you want disinfecting properties along with the element of deodorization, a combination of water and distilled white vinegar (in equal parts) could do the trick. All you have to do is lightly mist it on textiles and allow it to dry. The vinegar smell will evaporate along with unwanted odors.

Of course, these at-home solutions might not be strong enough to treat some odors, in which case it’s best to move on to chemical means of odor eradication. Febreze is generally agreed to be one of the best options when it comes to deodorizing, but you could also try Lysol products designed for use on fabric as a way to kill bacteria while you deodorize. And these products can often be used on a wide range of textiles, from couches and carpets to comforters and car interiors. All you have to do is mist them over plush surfaces.

Unfortunately, your DIY attempts to deodorize upholstery in and around your home may not solve your problems if you’re dealing with stubborn odors. In this case, it could be time to call in the pros. While you can definitely try your hand at steam cleaning upholstery, you might want to leave this potentially complex task to the experts at ServiceKnights or Stanley Steamer, just for example. With their knowledge and experience, they should be able to address any upholstery odors and leave your house smelling fresh and clean.

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