How to Tell If Trees in Your Yard Are Dead or Diseased

Are the trees in your yard dead or diseased? Sometimes it can be hard to tell. A diseased tree may be rotting on the inside and you would have no idea – until it crashed into your home or a car. If you have plenty of trees around your home – especially large trees with thick, far-reaching branches – it is important to know what some of the warning signs are. Trees are a living species and are susceptible to numerous conditions that could cause death or irreversible damage. In order to know what some of the signs are, you need to know what some of the more common tree diseases are. Here is how you can tell if the trees in your yard are dead or diseased.

One of the most common types of tree disease is root decay. This can be a hard disease to diagnose, because a tree’s roots are mostly underground. In order to know if a tree in your yard is inflicted with root rot, you want to push some of the soil out of the way to get a glimpse of the roots. If you notice large white spots or areas that look like advanced compost, there is a good chance that your trees roots are affected.

Another common and widespread disease is anthracnose. This is a disease that affects hardwood trees, like oak, sycamore, and walnut trees. This is a pervasive disease – if one tree has it, there is a good chance that multiple trees have it. Some of the symptoms of this disease include missing leaf blotches and dead areas – or the tree may completely lose its leaves. If you find a tree with this disease, you want to cut it down and remove it from your property to make sure no other trees are affected.

Next, if you don’t see any signs of disease or death, you may have to go a little closer. Some trees die from the inside out – it can take a while for the death to reach the outside. You can usually tell if a tree is dead by knocking on the tree – if it sounds hollow, there is a good chance that it is dead. If a disease has affected the tree, the virus may have eaten away the inside. Termites and other pests can also bore into the tree and cause death.

At the end of the day, it is important to take measures to fell and remove the tree completely. A dead tree can pose a serious problem – it can fall and damage property, and it can cause an injury. If you’re unsure if a particular tree is diseased, or if you want to get a proper diagnosis, you may want to call a professional arborist service, like Robinson Tree Service. The last thing you want is to give a tree a false diagnosis and then fell it without any reason – trees serve an important function. Some trees simply die of old age – if that is the case, you can always use the wood to build a fire or you can recycle the wood in some meaningful way.

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