How to Identify Significant Energy Inefficiencies in Your Home

One thing that everyone finds themselves being extremely thankful for is the electricity that’s inside of their homes. But sometimes, when the bills are higher than expected, it can be a bit irritating. This holds especially true during the summer and winter months, a time when we can easily find ourselves spending hundreds of dollars each month.

If this is something you can relate to, have you ever stopped to consider that the energy increase might be due to the fact that there is some kind of significant energy inefficiency happening inside of your home? If you’re interested in knowing ways that you can detect that so you can get a better handle on your energy expenses, check out these five tips below:

Conduct an energy audit. Definitely one of the best ways to know if there are places in your house where you are losing energy is to conduct an energy audit. That way, you can know if there are air leaks near your windows or doors or even if your appliances are not working as well as they should. If you want to hire a professional to do the audit for you, there are some in every major city. Or, you can spare yourself a few dollars by doing the audit yourself. Simply go to and put “DIY energy audit” in the search field. It will provide you with the step-by-step instructions that you need.

Check out your insulation. A huge reason why a lot of people lose energy is due to the fact that they need to check the quality of insulation that they have up in their attic. If yours is not 12″ thick and made out of an eco-friendly material like sheep’s wool, cotton or even aerogel, it’s time to add some more to that space. You can learn how to do so by going to DIY Networking and putting “installing insulation” in the search field.

Light up some incense. Do you happen to have a few sticks of incense inside of your home? If so, light one up this evening and put it up in the air. Then watch how the smoke tends to travel. If it appears that it is clearly being pulled over into one particular direction, that’s another sign that there could be an air leak somewhere inside of your house.

Have an HVAC technician come out. The importance of regular HVAC maintenance is not only about keeping your unit in good working order but also making sure that it’s not the cause of wasted energy. Although a lot of people only contact an HVAC technician when there’s something wrong with their unit, it’s actually a good idea to have one come out in the spring and again in the fall. That way, a professional can check to see if your unit is leaking air or even water prior to the summer and winter seasons.

Look at your energy bill. Finally, another way to identify if there are energy inefficiencies inside of your home is to compare your energy bill each month. If you happen to notice that it’s significantly higher than the previous month, this could mean that you are losing energy somewhere and that you should have an electrician come to your home. For information on how to find a reputable electrician within your area, visit Kingdom Impression and put “find a good electrician” in the search field.

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