5 Helpful Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Newbies

Whether you just moved into an older house or you’ve been in the same one for a while now and you’d like to do a bit of remodeling, this article is just for you. That’s because it features some of the best tips for renovating your kitchen space, even if you’ve never done any kitchen remodeling work before.

So, if you’d like to know how you can give your kitchen a bit of a “facelift” without hiring a contractor, check out these five helpful kitchen remodeling tips for newbies below:

Change the color. Something that you can do to drastically change the appearance of your kitchen without spending a lot of money in the process is to paint it. Being that your kitchen space is one area where you want to be able to have as much light as possible, opt for colors that reflect light rather than absorb it. Shades of white, yellow or pastel hues are always nice. Just make sure that you go with a low-VOC paint brand. They have less fumes.

Upgrade the appliances. If you’re wondering what you can do that will make your kitchen more energy efficient, definitely consider upgrading your appliances. By purchasing the kind that have the Energy Star label on them, you can easily save as much as 30-40 percent on your energy costs annually. For more information on Energy Star appliances, visit EnergyStar.gov and put “appliances” in the search field.

Get new lighting. One thing that you can do to modernize the look of your kitchen is to put in some new lighting fixtures. Pendants are aesthetically appealing if you’re looking for somewhat of a casual look. Or if you’d prefer a bit of elegance, maybe hang a chandelier over the kitchen table. The awesome thing about lighting fixtures is that you can find them at an affordable price at a lot of retail places including your local home improvement store and Target.

Invest in new hardware. If you were to consult with a company like Shade House Development for some tips on kitchen remodeling , something that they might recommend is that you invest into some new hardware. By getting some new knobs and pulls for your cabinets and drawers, a little detailing like that can go a very long way.

“Decorate” your countertops. One thing that can add value to your home’s property while also improving the look of your kitchen is to get some new countertops. However, being that it tends to be a pretty expensive investment, if your countertops have seen better days and you can’t get new ones right now, there are a couple of other options. One is that you can paint your countertops. Another is that you can purchase a really large cutting board to put on top of your countertop. Both are affordable ways to totally change the look and feel of your countertop. If you’ve never painted a countertop before and you’d like some tips on how you can do it, visit DIY Network or HGTV and put “painting countertops” in the search field. If you’d like to know where you can get some great cutting boards, visit Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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