Planning a Home Addition Project: 5 Factors to Consider First

Have you always wanted another bedroom in your house? Or maybe you’ve secretly wished for a bonus room. Or, maybe your family is expanding and it’s time to add another bathroom to your place. One thing that all of these scenarios have in common is the need to build another room onto your home.

If this is something that you’re seriously considering, in order to make the process as seamless for you as possible, we’ve provided you with a list of five things that you should first consider before actually planning a home addition below:

Consider your budget. Although adding onto your house can ultimately increase the property value of your home, something that you don’t want to do is sit down with a contractor to draft up the perfect plan, only to discover that you can’t afford it. That’s why it’s important to create a realistic budget before doing anything else. This brings us to the next point.

Consider the contractor. There are a lot of people who have absolute horror stories about their experiences with contractors. Some contractors didn’t do a thorough job. Some took way longer than was expected. Some ended up costing more than what we initially agreed upon. That’s why another thing that you should consider is the kind of contractor you’re going to go with. Our recommendation is that you interview 3-5, that you request to see their portfolio and that you also ask for referrals of similar projects like yours before finally hiring someone.

Consider what you can do yourself. Thanks to websites like DIY Network, Bob Villa, This Old House, BHG and of course YouTube, there are certain projects that can you can do without the assistance of a contractor. Now, before you decide to take on the entire house addition on your own, we’re not suggesting that you do that. We’re simply saying that once the foundation and wiring is complete, you might want to do things like painting and tiling yourself. It’s a great way to save a few dollars.

Consider the permits. If you decide to get some home addition advice from a professional who works at a company like Renewal Design Build , something that they would probably tell you is that you shouldn’t forget that taking on this kind of house project is going to require you getting a series of housing permits. And while there are some people who try and skip on getting all of the ones that they need, if an inspector catches them, it could result in a pretty hefty fine and sometimes even a mandate that the construction comes down. That’s why you should find out what permits are required for your home addition before even getting started. You can do so by going down to your local county clerk’s office. They will provide you with a list of permits and prices too.

Consider your neighbors. Although you certainly have the right to do with your property whatever it is that you wish, in order to keep peace with your neighbors, it’s a good idea to prepare them before you get started. It’s a courteous thing to do and can make the entire process a peaceful one for everyone. Enjoy the process of your new home addition!

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