Environmentally Safe Green Home Cleaning Tips

When you clean your home, it usually smells like a combination of harsh and noxious chemicals afterwards. Well, that’s because the smell is noxious and toxic – to your health and to the environment. This is why green home cleaning is so important. For the sake of the environment, green home cleaning is just one part of a greater effort to reduce the collective pollution problem. Most of the harsh chemicals in cleaning products enter the ground water systems, which not only wind up in lakes, rivers and streams, but also – sometimes – back into the drinking water supply. So, it is critical that you take measures to clean with the environment in mind. Here are some environmentally safe green home cleaning tips.

  1. When you do your laundry, use environmentally friendly detergents and soaps. Most of the laundry detergents out there have strange chemicals and fumes that can be toxic to your health and it can also damage the environment. Some of these chemicals can mutate the development of the animals that may come in contact with the detergent when it is rinsed into the groundwater. So, be sure to use only the purest detergents when washing your clothes.
  2. Use natural all-purpose cleaners to disinfect your countertops and floors. When it comes down to it, most of the all-purpose cleaners out there are incredibly toxic for the environment, so you want to use natural cleaning solutions that can clean more safely. For instance, baking soda can work wonders at getting grease and other hard to clean spots on tables, countertops and even stoves. When it comes to mopping your floors, you can always use vinegar – vinegar diluted in water will properly kill germs and bacteria that may be building up on your floors.
  3. Utilize reusable rags – not paper towels. The paper waste in the world is staggering and is contributing to a majority of the waste in the world, not to mention trillions of tons of chlorine bleach pollution in our water. When it comes to green home cleaning, you want to stick to reusable rags – you may want to keep paper towels around only in an emergency. With rags, you can use them over and over again. Plus, you can turn anything into rags: old towels, shirts, socks – anything.
  4. Hire a cleaning service that specializes in green housekeeping. There are many companies, like Brighthouse Luxury Green Home Cleaning, that offer green housekeeping services. These companies use environmentally sound materials and they will use green practices that won’t have so much of an impact on the environment. This way you can go green without having to make a huge lifestyle change yourself.
  5. Keep your windows open. Circulation and sunlight – that is pretty much all your home needs to keep a general sense of homeostasis. Plus, sunlight – specifically UV rays – will kill bacteria and other harmful pollutants. Circulation and ventilation will prevent mold from building up. In the end, all you have to do is open a few windows.

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