The Best Flooring Options for Your Kitchen

There is a good chance that if your home was a road map, the kitchen would be the main thoroughfare. This is usually the case for households with big open kitchens. If your kitchen gets a lot of traffic, there is a good chance that you are constantly dealing with replacing and restoring the floors. But why not go for a better option? There are many flooring options for your kitchen that will offer more durability, so that you can use your kitchen without having to worry about completely refurbishing the floors. So, what are the best flooring options for your kitchen?

One of the best options for kitchen flooring is actually concrete. Concrete is easy to clean, because it is non-porous. This means that germs and other icky stuff that can fall on the floor can’t get trapped in the floors. Basically, your floors will always be clean. Another great part about concrete is that it can be dyed and mixed with paints, so you can get it to match anything. In fact, many homeowners are playing with the idea of cement in their kitchens, because it looks great and it is affordable.

Another great flooring option is cork. In fact, cork has been used for centuries in kitchens, because it is so tough. Really, you can do anything to cork and it will hold up. Also, cork is great for insulation, which is perfect for all those loud chefs out there. Not only that, but cork looks amazing. If you are looking for an excellent aesthetic option, cork will surely impress. Moreover, cork is affordable. You could probably have your entire kitchen floor fitted with cork for far under your proposed budget. In fact, cork makes a great transitional material if you aren’t sure what to do with your floors.

Next, you may want to try rubber. Rubber is amazing because it can withstand impact. If you are a serious cook, rubber can make cooking so much more comfortable. In fact rubber floors – like the ones you can find at Treadall Inc. - are most traditionally found in gyms, because they offer impact absorption for people doing aerobic exercises. Plus, rubber flooring is usually black, so you don’t need to worry about your floors looking perfect. With other floors, you have to worry about dents, scratches and scuffs, but not with rubber floors, which makes them one of the best home flooring options.

Lastly, your kitchen sees a lot of action, so it is important that your floors can take on all that action. If you have pets, children, or if you are just an adamant chef, your floors need to be strong enough to take on the continued stress. You may not think your kitchen floors are getting damaged, but that is because you are seeing it happen over time. So, in order to not worry about it anymore, you may want to think about installing a floor that can stand up to the test. In the end, it is all about durability.

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