5 Ways to Eliminate and Prevent Weeds in Your Lawn and Garden

As the grass in your front yard and back yard starts to grow in over the summer, you may start to notice something nefarious emerging as well: weeds. Indeed, weeds are the bane of any homeowner’s existence, especially the homeowners who care about the beauty of their lawns. Not only that, but weeds have a habit of causing damage to your healthy lawn. They can take too much water and they can attract pests that feed on the weeds and then the rest of your lawn. So, it is critical that you find some safe and effective ways of eliminating the weeds. Here are five ways to eliminate and prevent weeds in your lawn and garden.

  1. Cut your grass to the right height. Did you know that your grass is actually your closest ally in eliminating weeds? It’s true – if your grass is cut at exactly the right height and isn’t shorn too short, it could actually outgrow the weeds and force them to die as seeds. So, make sure that know exactly how high to cut your grass, depending on the genus or variety. If you cut too low or high, you could have a major weed problem before you know it.
  2. Know your weeds. Another important thing to keep in mind when you are trying to prevent weeds or eliminate them, is the type of weed. All weeds are not made alike, and thus, each one takes a very specific solution. For instance, clover-like weeds will need to be removed and eliminated in a totally different way than dandelions would. So, be sure to inspect your lawn carefully to determine what kind of weed problem you have. You could actually damage your lawn by using the wrong solution and not to mention, with the wrong solution, the weed problem won’t be remedied either.
  3. Less is more when you are using herbicide. Most herbicides are heavy on chemicals and they can cause your lawn to be more noxious than anything else. So, you want to use them sparingly. If you saturate your lawn with herbicides, it could actually deform your grass and cause unsightly brown spots and it could also be poisonous for pets and children. So, you want to only spray a little bit on the weeds that need to be eliminated.
  4. Use the services of a professional landscaping company. If this weed problem has gotten especially out of hand, you probably want to call on the professionals. A landscaping company, like Michael Hatcher and Associates, will probably devise an immediate and long-term solution for managing weeds. There is a good chance that the weed problem is especially bad because you don’t have the right grass or you are doing something to encourage the weeds without even realizing it.
  5. Don’t slash weed spray…use a sprayer. It is also important that you have the right weapons when removing weeds. If you don’t have the right sprayer, you could be de-weeding quite inefficiently and it could take you longer than it has to or you may also miss trouble spots. So, make sure that you head to a nursery to purchase a weed sprayer as you’ll be glad you made the investment.

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