DIY Roach and Termite Extermination Tips for Homeowners

Most people aren’t aware that termites are the culprits behind billions of dollars’ worth of damage to thousands of homes each and every year, causing structural damage and wreaking havoc on your house’s foundation. Roaches are another huge nuisance that millions of home owners are stuck battling day in and day out. And not only are roaches unsanitary, but they can feed on your food and infest inside your plumbing system making them a tough pest to remove once they settle in. Interestingly enough, roaches and termites are up there with fire, floods and mudslides when it comes to damage, so it is imperative that you exterminate these pests before the issue gets completely out of hand. Here are some DIY roach and termite extermination tips for homeowners.

  1. Clean your house. Pests love a messy house, because there are a lot of places to hide. Cockroaches, especially, love to hide in clutter, like old boxes and stacks of newspapers or magazines. So, you want to do a very deep clean of your entire home before you move on to any other extermination effort. Not only do you want to toss away old items – you also want to disinfect countertops, floors and walls.
  2. Spray homemade deterrents around the baseboards of your home. Roaches can’t stand spicy. They have been around for billions of years, but they just can’t stand hot sauce. So, you want to find the hottest hot sauce you can find and mix it with a little water. Diluting it is important, because you want to put it into a spray bottle. After that, you can spray little bursts around your floorboards. Once cockroaches sense the hot sauce, they will steer clear. This should prevent cockroaches from coming back to a certain area.
  3. Use a colony killer to attack termites. Termites can be a little more difficult to control – they are sneaky and secretive. They also won’t crawl on kitchen floors like cockroaches do. So, you have to find a pesticide that can kill the whole colony. When it comes to termite extermination, all you have to do is place bait around your home. Termites will bring the bait back to their nest and the whole colony will be compromised. Before using this method, you may want to consult with an extermination company, like Forsyth Exterminating, to see if this is the best technique.
  4. Place a mote trap around the perimeter of your home. Most bugs and critters have a nest that they have built near your home, which serves as a headquarters of sorts. In order to prevent them from coming into your home, you want to treat the soil or ground around your home with termite and cockroach deterrent. By going this route, you can prevent them from entering your home in the first place.
  5. Install soil traps around your home. Soil traps are effective, because they can help deter termites. Termites like to build tunnels underneath homes – straight the wood behind your walls and floors. So, you want to install soil traps around your front yard to prevent this from happening. In the end, if you can provide a shield for your home, you will have a huge leg up when it comes to fighting off these pests.

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