5 Wood Fence Proper Care and Maintenance Tips

Aside from the fact that fences are an attractive way to provide your yard with some privacy and protection, if you happen to have a wood fence, there are other benefits as well. Wood fences are affordable, they offer a traditional look, they’re long-lasting, they’re durable and they are great for the environment too.

However, in order for your wood fence to remain beautiful for years to come, it’s essential that you give it the care and maintenance that it needs. If you’d like some tips on how you can do that, we’ve got five great ones for you right here:

Stain rather than paint your fence. Before we get into the care and maintenance of your fence, let’s start with a tip on how to make it aesthetically appealing. Although you could paint your fence, our recommendation is to take a different approach. Something that will make it look even more attractive and will help it to last long is staining it. That’s why we suggest that you stain your fence instead. One website that can walk you through the process is BEHR. Just go to the site and put “how to stain a fence” in the search field.

Clean your fence regularly. Being that your fence is outside, it’s going to accumulate debris and even cobwebs. For this reason, you should take a broom and sweep it over about once a month. It’s also a good idea to pressure wash it a few times a year too. Just make sure that you use cool water. Hot water has a tendency to affect the stain on the fence.

Regularly rake leaves and debris. Something that a lot of people do not realize is that it’s never a good idea to allow leaves and other kinds of debris to pile up around their fence. Not only does it make the yard look cluttered, but it also can contribute to the rotting of wood overtime. Also, make sure that you keep vines and bushes from growing all around your fence. They can ending up damaging your fence. That’s why you should trim all greenery that’s near your fence on a regular basis.

Redirect your sprinklers. A customer sales associate at a fence company like Borg Fence will probably tell you that when it comes to maintaining a wood fence , something else that you need to do is take preventative measures to impede mold and mildew growth. One way that you can do that is limit the amount of moisture that your fence gets. You can do this, in part, by redirecting your sprinklers so that they will not spray your fence every morning or evening. If you do happen to get mold and mildew on your fence, visit A-1 Fence and put “how to remove mold on a fence” in the search field.

Don’t ignore repairs. Whether it’s a broken lock, a rusty hinge or a missing picket, if you allow those things to pile up, you may end up needing to eventually replace your entire fence. That’s why you definitely should not ignore any things that need to be repaired. For tips on how to do your own fence fixes, go to your favorite search engine and put “DIY wooden fence repairs” in the search field.

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