5 Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable and Energy Efficient

An energy efficient home is a more comfortable home. The simple logic behind this is that when a home has taken measures to make sure drafts and leaks are sealed, an HVAC system can better provide the right temperature which adds to your overall comfort. In the summer, leaks and drafts can cause cool air to escape and during the winter months, warm air can escape through drafty windows or even your fireplace. Not to mention, this energy leakage is causing your monthly energy bills to skyrocket and also releases an unhealthy, detrimental amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere as well. So not only do you want to take measures to seal leaks and drafts for the sake of your own comfort but you also want to make sure your HVAC system is in good condition and you want to make sure that your bad habits aren’t causing you to overuse energy. Here are five ways to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

  1. Make sure to have your HVAC system inspected. If your HVAC system is on the fritz, it won’t properly regulate the temperatures inside your home. During the more extreme months – summer and winter – this can be seriously uncomfortable. Not only that, but an HVAC system that is on the fritz won’t be as energy efficient.
  2. Make sure to have your ductwork inspected. There are many causes of ductwork problems - from issues with mold to rips and tears in the aluminum siding. Regardless of the cause of the issue, you want to make sure that you have your ductwork inspected on a regular basis. If your ductwork isn’t inspected, you could risk having numerous issues that will be costly to fix. Not only that, but warm or cool air from your HVAC system won’t properly spread throughout your home.
  3. Make sure to have your windows re-sealed. It is also important to seal all the leaks in your windows. You could add caulking to all the areas of leaks – or you can strip the old caulking and completely re-seal the windows. In some cases, you may want to completely re-seal, because if your windows are particularly old, there are probably a lot of leaks and drafts. You can easily purchase caulking from your local hardware store.
  4. Make sure to add insulation in the attic. If you really want to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient, you may want to think about adding insulation to your attic. If you don’t have enough insulation in your attic, it could cause energy to escape through your roof. And because heat rises, you may also experience some issues with leakage, especially if the warm air melts snow and ice on your roof.
  5. Make sure to install a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat can be programmed so that the HVAC system runs only when it needs to run. Some programmable thermostats are so smart that they can adapt to the environment. In the end, though, a programmable thermostat will ensure that your system isn’t running on full blast all day long, which will save you money and make your home feel much more comfortable.

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