5 Energy Saving Upgrades to Invest in for an Older Home

Older homes have a charm that just can’t be replicated. New contractors may try but there is just no beating the look and feel of a home that is forty, sixty or even a hundred years old. Part of it is the history of the home – the stories behind the paint, molding, and floorboards. The other part is the aesthetics as older homes were built with an attention to detail and craftsmanship and materials back then were richer and had more depth to them. The only downside of older homes is that they aren’t as energy efficient as modern homes, which leaves you with the responsibility of making a few necessary upgrades to keep your systems running smoothly. Here are five energy saving upgrades to invest in for an older home.

  1. Invest in a new heating system. There is a good chance that your older home has some pretty basic heating options – maybe a main fireplace in the living room or radiators in various rooms. But what about the rest of the house? If you want to provide warmth and comfort to your older home in the wintertime, you’ll want to install either a new furnace or perhaps a radiant heating system. If your older home has wood flooring, you can also very easily install heated coils that can efficiently provide radiant heat throughout your house without needing to install new ductwork which can be time consuming and costly.
  2. Invest in new insulation. It is important that you have your home inspected for old insulation and assess where you need to have new insulation installed. Are you wondering how the home performance evaluation works? Well, a technician will test for energy leaks in different areas where there may not be enough insulation like the attic, your basement and bedrooms. Once you get the results, you can start getting to work on adding more insulation, especially in the trouble areas of your home.
  3. Invest in repairing or installing new ductwork. If you moved into an older home, there is a good chance that if there is existing ductwork of some kind behind the walls, it is old, worn out and leaky. Leaky ductwork can be extremely inefficient and it can make cooling your home a serious chore – not only that, but it could make cooling your home incredibly expensive. It may simply be worth it to install brand new ductwork as it could be transformative for your older home.
  4. Invest in a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat can offer a brand new way to control the temperature inside your home. Instead of blasting the heater or air conditioner all day long, you can program the temperature according to the times of the day. For instance, if it gets particularly cold in the morning, you may want to blast the heat in the morning time and then let the system automatically shut off towards the middle of the day since your heater won’t need to work as hard then.
  5. Invest in new window panes or casements. If you live in a particularly older home, you may not want to completely remove the casements, but you may want to consider investing in new, double paned glass in your windows. Double paned glass will make your home much more energy efficient and insulated against the elements. In the end, double paned glass will also cut the outside noise levels down too, which is great if you want a little peace and quiet.

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