5 Benefits of Green Roof Construction for Homeowners

Are you in the process of doing about of renovating to the exterior of your house? If so, have you ever considered building a green roof? As more people are becoming eco-friendly, it’s the kind of roof that is starting to become more popular. That’s because there are so many different benefits that come with having one.

If you’re not yet convinced that it’s the best choice for you but you are curious about some of the advantages that are directly connected to having a green roof on your house, we’ve provided you with a list of five reasons why it could be one of the best things that you do all year below:

Green roofs are aesthetically appealing. If you’ve ever seen a green roof on top of a commercial building or even a building that’s on a college campus then you probably couldn’t help but to admire how attractive it was. There is something that is just so appealing about seeing a lot of greenery on top of a structure; especially when it’s downtown or in an urban area. That said, definitely one of the best things about a green roof is how aesthetically appealing it is.

Green roofs are energy efficient. If you happen to live in a particularly warm climate and you’ve been looking for a way to significantly reduce your energy bills, then this is just one more reason to add a green roof to your home. The green insulation that green roofs offer help to serve as a barrier between the sun and our roofs. As a direct result, our homes are able to stay at a more moderate temperature and the need for relying on our heating and cooling systems are a lot less than those who don’t have a green roof.

Green roofs reduce the sound of outside noise. Here’s a benefit that you might not have known about. If you happen to live in a neighborhood that has more outside noise than you would like, with the help of a green roof, you can silence a lot of it. In fact, according to one published report, having a green roof can reduce outside noise by as much as 40 decibels.

Green roofs improve indoor air quality. If you were to ask an HVAC technician to tell you why you should have your unit checked on an annual basis, one of the things that they would probably say is one of the benefits of an air conditioning tune-up is it helps to improve your indoor air quality. Well, if you were to ask an energy expert to share with you another reason to consider getting a green roof, ironically, they would tell you the same thing. By having plants on top of your roof, it helps to capture a lot of the pollutants and toxins that are in the atmosphere. As a direct result, this results in improved air quality outdoors and if you open your windows a lot, indoors too.

Green roofs support wildlife. There’s still another reason why green roofs are so awesome: they help to support wildlife. There are birds and insects that actually rely on green roofs for sustainability, making green roofs great for you as well as the nature that’s all around you too. If this has convinced you to build a green roof on your home, you can get more information on how to construct a green roof by visiting Instructables, This Old House or Green Builder Mag and put “how to build a green roof” in the search field.

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