Easy Remedies for Common Home Plumbing Problems

As a homeowner, you have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to the quality and condition of your home. Therefore, you try to reduce the repairs and costs that can be avoided. Many homeowners end up dealing with costly and time consuming plumbing maintenance that they could have avoided. Here are some easy remedies for common home plumbing problems.

  1. First, many homeowners end up having frozen pipes in the cold, winter months due to a lack of preparation and caution. Frozen pipes can be a disaster if left unattended and could cause the pipes to burst. Pipes may freeze if the cold air from the outside is able impact the pipe inside due to a lack of insulation. The results of frozen pipes can be serious, endangering your home and often costing a significant amount of money to repair. To avoid this, be sure to cover all pipes with pipe sleeve to keep them well insulated. You should also leave the heat on in your home when you are gone for extended periods of time, such as while on a vacation to keep pipes at room temperature. Also, keep under the sink cabinets open to encourage air circulation.
  2. The most common plumbing issue often many homeowners is actually the simplest to prevent- a toilet clog. Clogged toilets can be very frustrating to home owners of course. To avoid this, be sure to only flush toilet paper down the toilet. Other materials like paper towels, tissues and more should simply be thrown in the trash or recycled.
  3. Drain will frequently clog as well, however the serious clogs are often deep in your pipework. Small clogs can usually be remedied with a chemical product that can be purchased at local hardware or grocery store. If chemicals don’t help, you may have a larger, deeper problem on your hands due to sand or build up in the pipes. Try to trouble shoot the problem on your own first. To do this, you will want to buy an auger at a local hardware store to potentially fix this buildup of grin or sand yourself. If the problem cannot be solved on your own, you may need to hire a professional plumber.
  4. Hot water heaters can also experience problems. During their lifespan, and with proper attention and maintenance you should never have a serious issue with your water heater. If, however, you neglect your hot water heater for an extended amount of time, you may experience hot water heater failure which can significantly impact your daily routine and comfort at home. To prevent this, have your hot water heater drained and cleaned annually to prevent build up and keep your heater in optimal condition. This will likely extend the hot water heater’s warranty, and allow you to have peace of mind knowing your system is working properly all year long.
  5. Finally, some garbage disposals may develop issues. This typically happens if the disposal isn’t used properly or is poor maintained. Enhance maintenance by only putting appropriate foods down the disposal. Also, keep it clean by running ice cubes through the blade to remove any build up debris or food particles that may be causing a blockage.

These helpful plumbing tips will help in preventing plumbing emergencies of all kinds. Instead of dealing with expensive, negative plumbing results, take the initiative and be proactive in order to avoid issues in the first place. Be sure to use preventative maintenance to avoid emergencies and keep your home in the best condition possible.

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