Common Causes of Cloudy Murky Swimming Pool Water

Is your pool murky, cloudy or just plain dirty? After a long winter, this can happen when you pull back the pool cover. It can be quite a surprising revelation and you may vow to yourself never to swim in the pool again. However, there are many reasons for a murky swimming pool and finding the cause will get you closer and close to finding a solution. You have to think of your pool like a living, breathing ecosystem and if you don’t take measures to maintain that ecosystem, you could be dealing with algae, bacteria and a number of other problems. Here are some common causes of cloudy murky swimming pool water.

One of the most common causes of murky swimming pool water is algae. If the water in your pool has been sitting for a long time, algae starts to grow along the edges of your pool and at the bottom. Soon enough, your entire pool is covered. One of the best way to beat the algae is to run the filter. The filter will help circulate the water and then suck out all the algae. You may also have to scrub the pool floor and walls afterwards.

Another reason for cloudy pool water is an improper level of chlorine. For one thing, you don’t want to overdose the pool with chlorine. You want to make sure that you read the instructions on the back of chlorine box or package. If it is in tablet form, you may only need to drop a few in. However, if you are dealing with liquid chlorine, you want to measure the solution accordingly. If you don’t place enough chlorine in the pool, germs and other detritus can start clouding up the water. So, make sure that you use the exact amount of chlorine.

Next, you may be having an issue where your filtration system has crashed. If your filtration system doesn’t work, your pool won’t be able to filter out all those harmful pollutants. When it comes down to it, filtration systems can breakdown overtime. So, you may want to call a specialized pool repair company to help fix the issue. In most cases, the filtration system is broken because of some large piece of debris that found its way inside. Ideally, you don’t want to fix the issue yourself, because you could become injured, so be sure to leave the job to the professionals.

Lastly, your pool may be cloudy simply because it has dirt in it. If your pool was not covered over the winter, your pool is probably looking a little worse for wear. Not only can leaves get inside your pool, but also so can dirt and other detritus, which can cloud up your pool and make it virtually un-swimmable. So, you may want to head over to Splash Super Center to pick up a pool cleaner, tools and maybe even a vacuum. In the end, a murky swimming pool isn’t very fun and if you have lot of visitors this summer, you’ll want your pool to be sparkling and ready for guests.

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