5 Custom Landscape Design Tips for Homeowners

When moving into a new home, most people’s first intentions get focused on the interior design and architecture. They also make adjustments to the exterior of the home – touching up stucco, repainting trims and installing new windows. But what about the front and backyard? What about the landscaping? When it comes to the total package, custom landscaping is an important – maybe even vital – component in the overall equation. A great yard will not only boost curb appeal, it will also make your outdoor living spaces more enjoyable to spend time in. Just think of your backyard as another room in your home – it will give you a brand new perspective. Here are five custom landscape design tips for homeowners.

  1. Brainstorm and plan thoroughly. Before you embark on a custom landscaping project, you want to make sure that you spend a lot of time planning and brainstorming. This is a crucial process – mainly because when you actually begin to break soil, you have a plan laid out in front of you. If you don’t have a plan, you may not enjoy the end result – it will look messy, unorganized and you may have to spend more money and time to reverse your mistakes.
  2. Hire a qualified landscaping firm. Once you have a few ideas as to what you want your front and backyard to look like, you want to bring in the big guns. There is nothing really intimidating about hiring a professional landscaping company, like Land View Landscape Services, because you will need an ally during the landscaping process. A professional landscaping company will ensure that your plans are flushed out without a hitch – and they will make sure some of your visions come to life the way you saw them in your mind during the brainstorming process.
  3. Think about your climate when deciding on flora varieties. One of the most important custom landscaping tips is to stay true to your particular climate. If you don’t, your outdoor space could become quite difficult to manage. However, this doesn’t mean you have to go native – you can pick foreign varieties of green plants and flowers, but you want to make sure they can thrive in your climate. Some flora varieties have a harder time in certain temperature zones.
  4. Don’t forget about lighting. Many homeowners – during the landscaping process – completely disregard lighting. Well, if you have a large outdoor space, this could prove to be a terrible mistake. If you think about it, much of your yard will become unusable at night if you don’t have path lighting and ambient lighting. So, it is smart to include lighting in your overall plans.
  5. Avoid making your yard too crowded. It is incredibly important that your yard doesn’t become too over crowded. This can make your landscaping look incredibly messy. When it comes to having a beautiful outdoor space, less is always more. When it comes to large leafy plants, keep them to the periphery and focus on grasses, rock quarries and water features – variety is the spice of life; not excess.

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