Blower Door Testing Basics for Eco-Conscious Homeowners

These days, being eco-conscious isn’t just a fad that will go away. Indeed, becoming more aware of the environment and our effect on it is one of the first steps in choosing more sustainable methods to power our homes, drive our cars and live our lives. Moreover, taking a more eco-conscious route in life isn’t so much a matter of choice – if you want the planet to still be in the condition it is now for future generations to enjoy, you have to start getting proactive. The more passive we are, the worse the damage is. One of the places to start is to get an energy audit of your home to see where you are losing energy. When it comes to energy auditing, the industry standard is with a blower door test. Here are some blower door testing basics for eco-conscious homeowners.

The first thing you should know is that it is effective, which is the reason why it is industry standard. Moreover, the test isn’t only used for homes – it is also used for mechanical equipment too, like HVAC systems and ductwork systems. Its main function: to find sources of energy leaks and then log them as part of a total energy audit.

A blower door test utilizes a specialized instrument that attaches to the door of a home. The edges of the blower door test are sealed – so are all other windows and doors in the home. A technician will usually stand outside the home with a meter and measure areas of inconsistencies. The instrument works by blowing air inside the home – pressurized air – and if the meter detects a loss of a certain amount of energy, it will give you a number rating or grade.

This number rating or grade will determine how energy efficient your home is. If your home receives a low grade, you want to take measures to seal up any issues that may be causing your home to be inefficient. For instance, you may want to clean out your dryer vents, which could be full of lint and dust. All that lint and dust could be causing the air inside your home to become polluted. Ultimately, this can cause a domino effect that can not only cause your home to be more inefficient, but the air can also be bad for your health. This is certainly why you should opt for dryer vent cleaning.

In the end, though, there may be a lot of inconsistencies in your energy usage that an audit will discover. For instance, you may have major leaks in your windows and doors. If you live in an older home, you may want to completely replace the windows and install newer, more energy efficient windows. Hundreds of cubic inches of energy escape through your windows, so if you don’t do anything, not only are you causing more of an impact on the environment, but you are also causing your energy bills to skyrocket. In the end, you may want to think about getting a blower door test for your home.

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