5 Effective Garage Cooling and Ventilation Tips for Summer

This summer is going to be scorcher – you can always predict a hot summer by a particularly warm spring. This means that you need to start thinking of a few ways to beat the heat. Indeed, extreme temperatures are not only uncomfortable, but the heat can also be harmful to your health. If you like to work in your garage, which is often un-insulated, you will need to take some extra special measures to make sure the air is cool enough. If you work on vehicles or with metals, it will be even hotter, so you’ll need to find some ways to work comfortably and stay safe. Here are five effective garage cooling and ventilation tips for summer.

  1. Always keep the garage door slightly cracked open. This is especially important if you don’t have air conditioning. It is also critical to crack the garage door open if you are working with noxious chemicals. Keeping the door slightly open will create a cross breeze that will keep the room properly vented and cooled down. If you have a pull up garage door, you may want to place a wedge between the door and the driveway to keep the door slightly ajar.
  2. Place lots of fans in your garage. If you are working with heavy-duty tools that are producing a lot of heat, you want to properly move the air around. If you don’t move the air around, it will just keep getting hotter and hotter. Because not many garages have windows that you can open, you want to place fans on either side of your garage to allow for good airflow. This will effectively move the air across the room, diffuse the heat and prevent the garage atmosphere from becoming too saturated with fumes.
  3. Move an air conditioning vent into your garage. If you spend a lot of time in your garage, you may want to direct a vent into your garage so that you can take advantage of your air conditioning system. If you are using a heat pump to cool your home, you may want to take measures now to make sure it is ready for the summer. There are many reasons why your heat pump is freezing up or not working properly, so make sure you inspect your unit and then find a solution.
  4. Place a ventilation system inside your garage. There are many ventilation systems that you can use to make sure your garage is properly ventilated. Ideally, you want to find a system that can suck in polluted air and shoot out nice clean air that is sanitized and healthy to breathe. If you have big projects this summer, purchasing a ventilation system may be a really good investment.
  5. Park your vehicle on the street. Even after you park your car in the garage, the heat can still warm up the room by multiple degrees. Not to mention – you also have exhaust fumes to worry about. In the end, parking on the street may be a hassle, but it may also be necessary for the sake of beating the heat.

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