5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Home Lawn Irrigation System

A home lawn irrigation system is important, especially during the warmer months when the punishing heat dries out your grass, plants and flowers. If you want to take care of your lawn to the best of your ability, you probably want to install sprinklers or some kind of irrigation system in your backyard. While you don’t want to overwater your garden, you do want to provide the best system for your flora varieties, so that they get the nourishment they need. This is why you want to put so much care and attention to detail into the installation process. Here are five things to consider when planning your home lawn irrigation system.

  1. The square footage. Measuring the square footage of your garden is critical, because you want to know how big of an irrigation system you will need. Not only do you want to get the right amount of pipes and other components, but you also want to make sure your irrigation system has the right water pressure levels. So, you may want to take out your measuring tape and start calculating.
  2. Utilities. Do you have a septic tank system? Do you have a water main system underneath your lawn? The last thing you want is to start digging in your front or back yard and hit a major pipe. A broken septic tank pipe could cause a major mess. The same thing can happen if you hit a water main – the whole yard could become flooded. So, you may want to call the utilities department in your city and ask a technician to come map the area where you want to install an irrigation system.
  3. Permits. Another reason why you want to call your city or town’s main utility department or service is because you may need a permit to start installing your irrigation system. If you live on land that has a lot of services running underneath it, you may not be able to start digging, which means that you have to put your irrigation plans on pause. However, the city may come to your property, map the lawn and then give you the green light – all you have to do is ask.
  4. In-ground or above ground. There are two main types of sprinkler and irrigation systems: above ground and in-ground. Of course, an in-ground sprinkler system is more difficult to install – you have to go through a number of different steps before you start digging your trenches. An above ground irrigation system is simple to install, but it may not get the best coverage. Ideally, you want to do your research before you decide.
  5. Landscaping. After you install your irrigation system, your lawn could look like it needs a little tender loving care. This is where a landscaping company, like Wheat’s Landscape, comes in. Not only can a landscaping company help rebuild your lawn, they can also help plan your irrigation system. In the end, it will only improve your lawn and garden to join forces with the professionals.

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