Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Going Solar at Home

If you’re someone who prides yourself in making eco-friendly decisions, then we’re sure that you’ve probably been thinking about making your house a solar energy one. But if you’ve done a bit of research into things like solar roofing, you may have felt like it was a bit more expensive than your budget can afford.

The reality is that yes, if you are going to go solar at home, initially it’s going to be a bit of a financial sacrifice. However, what we’re hoping is that by the end of this article, you will see that the benefits that come with making this kind of choice far exceeds the initially set-up costs.

The Benefits of Solar Energy

Before we get into how much solar energy costs, let’s first explore many of the advantages that come with having a house that runs on solar energy. Of course, the main benefit is that it’s good for the environment. That’s because rather than relying on electricity that produce greenhouse gases, you are depending on the sun. That helps to keep the air cleaner. Another huge benefit by having a solar energy home is that by “going off of the grid”, you can save a lot of money on energy costs. For instance, there is one study which indicates that by going solar, residents in Hawaii, on average, saved as much as $64,000 in two years. These are not the only reasons to go solar. Some of the others include the fact that by upgrading your home in this fashion, you end up increasing your property value. Also, by making solar adjustments, you can end up receiving several tax incentives as well. And still, one more benefit that comes with going solar is that if you decide to pay for your upgrades in cash, your payback period tends to be less than 10 years. After reviewing all of these benefits that come with going solar, we’re sure you can see why it’s worth the cost. And the cost is what we will discuss next.

The Costs of Solar Energy

We’ll be honest with you. Solar energy installation can be expensive. For instance, solar panels tend to run anywhere from $4,500-$12,000 while a solar invertor is between $1,000-$3,000. If you were to have an entire solar system installed, that could cost you $2,000-$4,000 and in some cases, in order to make the appropriate changes to your home, you also have to apply for certain permits and pay certain fees that tend to run into the thousands too. But even while factoring all of this in, if you were to ask a company like Icon Solar if spending thousands of dollars on the front end is worth going solar at home , we’re sure they would say “absolutely”. That’s because the thing that you have to remember is once your home is running solar energy, energy expenses are a thing of the past—for years and years to come. So, if you are able to make the initial investment, trust us when we say that 10 years from now, you’ll realize that it truly was one of the best decisions that you ever made for your house, your budget and most importantly, the environment. For more information on the costs of solar energy, visit Cost of Solar.

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