5 Great Swimming Pool Upgrades to Consider

If you happen to own a pool in your backyard, then you already know just how awesome it is to go outdoors on a hot summer day and be able to take a swim without having to leave your own property. But if you’ve lived in your house for several years (or you purchased an older home that came with a pool), there’s a pretty good chance that your swimming pool could stand to get a few upgrades. Luckily, the ones that we are about to recommend are cost-effective and can help to make a really big difference when it comes to the quality of your water and also your swimming experience.

If you’re interested in knowing about five great swimming pool upgrades to consider, we’ve got five of them for you below:

Color LED lights. If you want to change the visual effects of your pool, why not put some more lights inside of it? However, rather than using plain white bulbs, opt instead to go with some LED color ones. By using LED lights, you will get more efficiency and if you choose ones that come in vibrant shades, that can be a lot of fun for evening dinner parties or night swimming.

Salt water chlorinator. Something that has been relied upon for years to keep a pool clean is chlorine. But if you’re someone who is concerned about all of the chemicals and toxins that you can potentially subject yourself to, there’s great news. You can get what is known as a salt water chlorinator. What it does is literally eliminate the need for liquid, granular and chlorine tablets by turning salt into a milder form of chlorine instead.

Natural stone coping and decking. One upgrade that simply adds aesthetic appeal to a swimming pool is natural stone coping and decking. Whether you decide to use sandstone, bluestone or some other stone to outline your pool, it can provide a wonderful natural look to your swimming pool and your backyard overall.

Robotic pool cleaners. If you were to ask a pool builder Ventura expert about another great swimming pool upgrade that you should consider adding to your pool, something that they might recommend is a robotic pool cleaner. These serve as a great alternative to hiring a professional cleaning service or getting into the water and cleaning out your pool yourself. You’ll be surprised by how user-friendly they are because all that you literally have to do is turn the robot on, drop it into your pool and if you wait for a couple of hours, you will notice that your pool is sparkling clean.

Heat pumps. There are a lot of people who only swim in their pools during the peak of the summer season because that’s when the water is at its most comfortable temperature. However, something that you can do to keep your water nice at a fraction of the cost of gas or electric heaters is to install a heat pump. It works by taking outdoor air and then transferring the heat to your water. For more information on how to get a heat pump for your swimming pool, visit Rheem.com, PoolSuppliesSuperStore.com or Energy.gov and put “heat pumps” in the search field.

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