5 Tips for Maintaining Horse Stables on Your Property

Maintaining horse stables on your property is essential to keeping your stalls clean and maintaining the health of your horses. While it is a lot of work, the work is well worth your time and energy. Here are 5 tips for maintaining horse stables on your property.

  1. Skip out regularly. if you keep your horses on straw, make sure that you use a skip and a quality pair of gloves to keep their area clean and free of droppings. Cover the droppings with the skip and then encourage the horse to walk back into the stall. You likely will need to remove droppings 2-3 times daily depending on how much time your horse spends in the stall.
  2. Always be sure to pick out your horses’ feet before the re-enter their stalls after being out. This is necessary especially if the horse has been out on a trial or in mud and dirt. Not only does this keep the stall and your horse clean, but it help prevent stone and rocks from getting stuck in the hoof which can result in soreness, lameness or falling as they get u to exit the stall.
  3. Muck out the stall once a week. For this you will need a wheelbarrow, fork, disinfectant, and a broom. Swill the stable out and be sure not to wet the bedding of your horse. Wash the floors to remove dirt and debris and then be sure to disinfect the walls of the stall properly. Be sure to attend to any stains promptly. Wait for the stall to dry, and then replace the dry bedding down in the stall.
  4. Make sure to take everything out with you after repairs or cleaning. It is extremely unsafe to leave behind any tools, rakes, shovels and other items. Also make sure that there is never any leftover wiring, nails, hammers, or other items that could pose a danger to your hose is they step on them or even ingest materials accidentally.
  5. Finally, be sure to sweep. You should sweep out the stable every other day for best results and to keep up with tidiness making maintenance more manageable. Also, sweep the area around the stable to keep the entire stable looking neat and tidy. This is also much more sanitary and will leave you with a stable that you are proud to own and have on your property.

While these horse stall maintenance tips are not an exhaustive list, they provide you with the key elements of keeping your stalls clean, sanitary, safe, and healthy for your horses. Be sure to skip out regularly, clean hooves before allowing your horses to re-enter their clean stalls, muck out the stall once a week to keep it fresh, take all items and tools with you out of the stall after performing maintenance, consider purchasing Treadall horse stall mats for your horse stable and seep the interior and exterior of the stall to keep it looking tidy and also to ensure your stalls are as clean and sanitary as possible.

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