Tips for Buying and Planting Grass Seed in Your Yard

All of us have had times when we’ve driven past a yard and thought to ourselves “That is a truly beautiful lawn”. When people make a point to consistently care for their front and backyard, not only does it indicate that they take pride in it but it can do wonders for their curb appeal too.

So, if you would like to have a nice-looking lawn this year, but you’ve noticed some areas where either no grass is growing or the grass is dead, the good news is that there is a way to remedy that. All you need to do is plant some grass seed in those areas.

If you’ve never done that before and you’d like some tips on how to buy and then plant grass seed in your yard, we’ve got five helpful suggestions below:

Test your soil. One mistake that a lot of people make before attempting to plant seed is not testing the soil first. In fact, this is actually something that a lot of landscaping professionals recommend you do at least 6-8 weeks before you start planting seed just to be sure that your soil is conducive for seed growth. You can purchase a soil testing kit at Park Seed, Home Science and Walmart.

Ask fellow gardeners about the companies they trust. Whether you plan to purchase grass seed from a local nursery or from an online store, you can save yourself a lot of time and research by asking some gardeners you know about where they buy their own grass seed. If you don’t happen to know anyone, you can also contact a landscaping company in your area. Just make sure that you purchase seed from an established company, that the seed is fresh and also that it was packaged during the year that you plan on using it.

Measure your planting area. Unless you are planning to reseed your entire yard, you can save a lot of money by measuring the area that you need to plant. By knowing the size of the spot that you want to seed, you can be sure about how much seed you will need as well as how much fertilizer and additives should be added too.

Check for weeds. Grass is not going to thrive if there are a lot of weeds around it. Luckily, there are a few effective ways that you can remove weeds from lawn. You can spray a herbicide directly onto them. You can literally suffocate the weeds by placing a couple of sheets of clear plastic over the area. Or you can pour some boiling water directly onto the weeds. All of these things will remove them quickly.

Plant your seed. If you went to a store like Cutting Edge Grass and you asked a customer service associate about how to seed a lawn ,they would probably say that you should make sure that you first put some fertilizer onto the soil. The next step is to plant the seed in one direction, going back and forth with half of the seed that you have. Then, with the remaining half, seed your lawn again in the crossways direction. This should cover the entire area. Keep in mind that you should try and avoid putting the seed too deeply into the soil. It’s best if it it’s shallow; no deeper than the length of the seed. Once it’s planted, keep the soil moist for the following 2-3 weeks and you should start to see new grass emerging within a couple of weeks. For information on how to properly care for your new lawn, visit HGTV and put “how to care for your lawn” in the search field.

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