3 Reasons Why Regular HVAC Maintenance Is Essential for Homeowners

Now that summer is literally just around the corner, homeowners must make HVAC maintenance a priority. Your HVAC system is just as important as other vital components in your domicile, like your electrical and plumbing system. Just imagine it: it’s over one hundred degrees outside and your only saving grace to stave off the heat is your air conditioner. However, just when things start to become comfortable, you hear a rumble and then a few more noises that you can’t decipher – and then your HVAC system stops working altogether. There is a good chance that it stopped working because of improper maintenance. Here are three reasons why regular HVAC maintenance is so important.

  1. Maintain the lifespan of your HVAC system. There is a good chance that you made a big investment in your heating, air conditioning and ventilation system, so there is also a good chance that you want to protect that investment. If you don’t want your HVAC system to break down after only a few years, you want to maintain your unit to the best of your ability. Not only do you want to change the filter regularly, but you also want to clean out the coil and have your system inspected on an annual basis. This will ensure that your system stays in efficient working condition for the long haul.
  2. Maintenance will make your HVAC system more efficient. Efficiency is a key goal when it comes to your home heating and air conditioning system. Most air conditioning systems aren’t innately inefficient – it’s usually our own doing. For one, most of us leave our systems on for too long, which can be bad for the environment. Our heating and air conditioning systems can also become inefficient as a result of not maintaining them. For instance, letting the filter build up can cause your system to work on overdrive.
  3. Maintaining your HVAC system will make your indoor air cleaner. Studies have shown that the air inside our homes is actually much filthier than the air outside of our homes, which is surprising. This is because our homes aren’t properly ventilated, so dust, dander, pollen and other pollutants get spread around. If you have an unmaintained HVAC system, this pollution could be far worse. Also, if you don’t clean out your ductwork – which should be a regular maintenance task – all that indoor air pollution can spread even further throughout your home.

In the end, maintenance is important for a vast array of reasons. So, if you are a homeowner, you may want to think about taking some measures to update your heating and air conditioning system. For instance, you could swap out the old filter for a new one. You may also want to clean the coils and make sure there is nothing obstructing the fan. If your unit is particularly old, you may want to call an HVAC contractor today to have a new one installed. Choosing the right HVAC contractor is all about looking at peer reviews and using your good judgment. If the reviews are good, you have probably found your contractor. In the end, a new HVAC system will be more efficient and it can allow you to start anew when it comes to maintenance.

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