5 Essential Cleaning Supplies for Maintaining a Spotless Home

As a homeowner, it is important to keep your home clean. Not only does a clean house look nice and tidy, but it also helps to preserve the integrity and quality of your home overall. In order to clean properly, however, you need to have the right tools and products on hand. Here are 5 essential cleaning supplies that every homeowner should have in order to maintain a spotless home.

  1. Every cleaning kit needs an all-purpose cleaner. These cleaners, such as Mr. Clean’s all purpose products, cut through grease, eliminate germs and bacteria for antibacterial purposes, and are safe to use while cleaning a wide variety of surfaces and materials in your home. You can even use an all purposes cleaner when washing your floors. Simply add the cleaner to a bucket of hot water, and you’re ready to mop up your floors in any room of the house.
  2. Buy a “Magic Eraser”. “Magic” is a big claim for a company to use, but the product does follow through with it’s promise! Mr. Clean has a Magic Eraser product which is easy to use and effective. Simply add water to the replaceable, disposable pads and start scrubbing any area you need clean. Immediately this product gets to work. The Magic Eraser is especially effective for cleaning bathrooms with mold or mildew as well as other stains. You can use the eraser on almost any surface for remarkable, instant results.
  3. Sponges. While this may seem obvious, the type of sponge you own is actually the most important part. Ditch your old cellulose sponge in exchange for a microfiber sponge. Microfiber sponges are significantly more absorbent, plus they take less time to dry.
  4. A duster is also essential to your cleaning kit. Make sure that your duster attracts dust and that it is easy to use so that you can access hard to reach places in your home. A good duster will have an extendable arm or handle to help you reach new heights and get into those difficult to get to nooks and crannies in your home.
  5. Finally, an unusual thing to add to your bag of cleaning tricks is some coffee filters. While this may seem unconventional, coffee filters are actually phenomenal tools to use when cleaning windows or glass. Spray your glass cleaner to the glass surface, and instead of using a paper towel, use a coffee filter for a less streaky result that sparkles and shines!

Including any or all of these cleaning supplies to your home cleaning kit will help you to keep your home cleaner much more efficiently all year round. Your home will be so clean,Prestige Maids would be impressed! These home cleaning tips are tried and true and will impress you the first time your use them. Be sure to use coffee filters when cleaning glass, invest in an extendable duster, use microfiber sponges, buy a Magic Eraser and always have an all-purpose cleaner on hand.

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