5 Things to Consider When Decorating a Waterfront Home

If you’re someone who’s fortunate enough to live in a waterfront property, we must say that a part of us envies that a bit. There is something that is simply beautiful and serene about waking up, walking outside and being able to see all of the water that’s around you.

And if you want to do something to add to that feeling by decorating the inside of your home in such a way that will complement your surroundings, you’ve come to the right place. We are actually going to share with you five things that you should strongly consider when decorating a waterfront home below:

Choose paint colors that reflect light. When you’re living in a waterfront home, you want the inside of it to reflect the light that’s coming from the outside. That’s why it’s best to choose paint colors that come in a variation of white or even a pastel hue. You can then bring more definition by adding some fun colors like blue, pink or orange to your trim or you can even paint some of your wooden furniture with one of those shades.

Invest in some amazing window treatments. Being that you’re in a waterfront home, a part of the benefit is being able to look outside of your windows and see the water. That’s why you definitely don’t want to dress up your windows in such a way that noting will be able to block the view. So, consider putting up some lace or sheer curtains, some Roman shades or even some white wooden blinds that you can leave open throughout the day.

Position furniture to face your windows. Another great decorating tip is to position your furniture so that it actually faces your windows. For instance, rather than having your sofa up against your window, bring it instead into the middle of the room so that you can easily look outside of the window as you are sitting down. In fact, all of your pieces need to be angled in such a way that your window is more of the focal point than anything else is.

Consider wicker. If you were to go to a website like www.lakehomes.com to look for some staging ideas for a waterfront home, one of the things that you might see is pictures of houses that have wicker furniture inside of them. Actually, we find that to be a beautiful way to decorate a home. Not only does it present a classic look but it’s a great complement to just about any color palate that you choose. Wicker furniture is especially exquisite in rooms like the bathroom and living room and even on your porch outside.

Add some plants. Something that you can do that will bring warmth to your home while also helping to purify the air is to add some plants. We say that because plants are a wonderful way to make the interior of your house feel more tropical. Some of our favorites include the Spider plant, Snake plant, Golden pothos, Weeping fig and the Aloe Vera plant. For more information on other air-purifying plants that will help to enhance your home, visit MNN and put “houseplants for improving indoor air quality” in the search field.

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