How to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized During a Construction Project

It’s officially springtime, which means that you may be finally starting that home construction project. The warmer weather makes it ideal to put into action all those remodeling blueprints that have been piling up. However, one of the most important home construction tips that anyone could give a homeowner is that organization and cleanliness is vital before, during, and after you break ground. Whether you are adding an extra room to your home or adding another level – making sure that the rest of your home is clear from debris, dust and other construction detritus is vital. Here is how to keep your home clean and organizing during a construction project.

First, you need to make sure that you keep the entire construction area clear of furniture, keepsakes, and appliances – anything that is worth money or has sentimental value. You can bet that whatever you leave in the construction zone will most likely be damaged. So, you may want to rent a storage unit to place all your belonging in until the home construction is finished. Another option – if you have the space – is to place all your stuff into a garage or another room.

Next, you want to protect the more permanent stuff. Let’s say you are refinishing the walls, building a fireplace or redoing your ceilings, you are going to need to make sure all the areas that aren’t being worked on are safe. For instance, the floors – if you have wood, tile or even carpeted floors, you want to place tarp on the ground and over these materials, because they can become very easily damaged in the home building process. Not only do you want to place plastic tarps down, but you also want to tape the perimeter of the room – so nothing can get under the plastic. While you are at it – you may also want to place plastic over the windows too.

After you have prepped your home for the home construction process, you want to get organized. You want to start thinking of a timeline and a deadline, because there is a high probability that construction will go on and on if you don’t. So, make sure that you create a schedule for each day and then know exactly the day that you want construction to end. If you are working with a crew, there is a good chance that you want them out by a certain day, so you need to make that clear. With timelines and deadlines, your construction project will be much quicker.

Lastly, you want to thoroughly clean your home after the construction workers have left and your home is finished. There is a good chance that the crew cleaned up most of the dirt and detritus, but you probably want to have your home deep cleaned – just for good measure. While a major corporation or large business would hire a professional maintenance crew, like J and J Services, you probably need something on a smaller scale for your home. So, you want to do your research and look at reviews online – you can also ask other people for references. Once your home is spic-and-span, you won’t even be able to notice the fact that some seriously heavy construction occurred.

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