5 Ways to Effectively Remove Pet Urine and Odor From Carpet

Having pet is a wonderful addition to your family. Pets provide fun and companionship. While they enhance your lives in many ways, they can also come with some maintenance and issues. At times, you may have to deal with cleaning pet urine or odor stains and smells on your carpeting. Here are 5 ways to effectively remove pet urine and odor from carpet.

  1. First, try to soak up as much urine as possible immediately after any pet accident. The less urine the carpet absorbed, the less you will have to clean up later on and the easier it will be to remove the smell and stain. Be sure to blot the area with an absorbent paper towel, never rub.
  2. Next, be sure to break down the smell and the stain with an enzymatic cleaner. These cleaners will release cultures that can literally eat away at the urine of your carpet. Once it dries, it will leave the carpet sanitary, clean and odor free. Especially when used with cat urine, these cleaners will help to reduce the likelihood that your cat will urinate in the same area again at a later date.
  3. Next, clean the carpeting further by using a wet vac, but do not use a steam vacuum. This will rinse the area for a more thorough clean. Always use cool, clean water in the vac for the best results. Also, avoid using a steam vacuum because the heat can actually allow the odors to permeate deeper into the carpeting, causing them to linger and stay in the fibers of the carpet for longer.
  4. Afterwards, apply a baking-soda based air freshener to the carpet. Baking soda will be able to effectively absorb any other lingering odors in the carpeting. Sprinkle the mixture on your carpet and let it set for a few hours. After is has been on the carpeting for a couple of hours, be sure to vacuum up the powder completely.
  5. Finally, work to prevent future accidents. If you have a dog, work on training your dog to go to the bathroom outside. For cats, be sure to encourage use of a liter box. Make sure it is in a safe, secluded space. always change the liter frequently to ensure your cat feels comfortable using the box.

While accidents do happen, there are many steps you can take to clean up a mess effectively while also working on preventing future accidents. Be sure to clean up urine as soon as you notice it to ensure it doesn’t permeate the carpeting too deeply and to make clean up faster and easier. Then, clean with an enzymatic cleaner such as Chem-Dry that will eat away at the mess and help to prevent future accidents. You can then use a baking soda based powder to absorb lingering carpet smells. Lastly, be sure to work on training your pet to choose correct practices for using the bathroom such as going outside or using a liter box. These tips will effectively help your to clean stained carpet.

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