5 Green Home Renovation Trends in 2014

Green home building has been popular for a while now, but this year we’ll see green home building go to a whole new level. As utility costs get more and more expensive – and as global warming becomes a more imminent threat – it is becoming important for property owners to find ways to lower their impact on the environment. Moreover, there are a plethora of new technologies that can be incorporated into a more sustainable construction ethos that can make a home even more green and efficient. If you want to save money and help save the environment, you may want to consider one of these amazing trends. Here are five green home renovation trends in 2014.

  1. LED lighting. Some countries are banning incandescent lighting – mainly because it is such a burden on the environment. Incandescent lighting not only saps energy when plugged into your light fixtures, but they can also poison the environment when discarded. So, make sure to line your home with LED light fixtures. When it comes down to it, you can get so much more creative with LED lighting and it lasts up to 70 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
  2. Net zero. Most households produce an excessive amount of energy and most of this energy is completely wasted. In fact, most homes only need a fraction of the energy they produce. However, net zero energy homes only use as much energy as is produced by the energy grid. To get net zero status, you need to work with an energy consultant and a contractor to build your home in a way that uses a minimal amount of energy – about as much energy as you. The best part about net zero homes is that they don’t waste any energy at all.
  3. More advanced heating and cooling system. These days, the smarter your thermostat, the less of a burden your home will be on the environment. So, when you are building your home, you may want to think about incorporating a smarter HVAC system that can be controlled, timed and programmed. Having a more precise and less wasteful HVAC system can take an enormous burden off natural resources and it can make your home far more green.
  4. Large elements for shade. One of the biggest green home renovation trends are the incorporation of larger construction elements that provide shade to the home. For instance, large structural awning and cantilever designs are being utilized to cut down direct sunlight and to regulate a home’s temperature control. The main thing you need to know is that incorporating a cantilever design element requires the use of a crane. If you are building a home in Los Angeles, you may want to research LA cranes for rent.
  5. More efficient and green appliances. Energy Star – those are the two magic words you should be looking for when purchasing new appliances for your remodel. Energy Star appliances have gone through rigorous testing to become more energy efficient and green. Plus, many of the products with an Energy Star label are stylish and chic, so your house will not only be green, but also aesthetically stunning. What can be better than that?

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