crib mattress sizes in inches dimensions

7 Fabulous Crib Mattress Ideas

The selection of crib mattress is an important matter because it will be used for your baby. On the market you can find any kind of mattress with various materials, firmness and also sizes. You need to understand the differences before you purchase a baby crib mattress for your child.crib mattress sizes in inches dimensions 7 Fabulous Crib Mattress Ideas

1. Size

The crib mattress’ size should be well-matched with your crib so you need to measure the crib beforehand. You have to make sure that the crib mattress fits your crib.

2. Firmness

Before you purchase a crib mattress; you need to check its firmness. It should be very firm in order to avoid the risk of suffocating because the baby is sunk into a surface which is softer. Thus, you should test the firmness of crib mattress for your baby’s safety.crib mattress materials types 7 Fabulous Crib Mattress Ideas

3. Materials

You need to choose a material for your crib mattress whether it is made of foam or innerspring. If you choose the one from foam, you have to make sure that it is very firm. Meanwhile, innerspring is more expensive, but it is more durable and firm enough for your baby.

4. Cover

You should select a crib mattress with a very thick cover because it has benefits that are more durable. If the cover is very thick, it will not be easy to tear or make any holes. The material of the cover which is best to buy is laminate coating multiple layers.

5. Certification

The crib mattress which you will buy should have a certificate. The certified product indicates the verification of the standard and safety for use. The standard is made by CPSC or Consumer Product Safety Commission.

6. Holes inspection

If you buy a high quality crib mattress, there should be small hole additions which are located on both sides. The holes will make the circulation of air in and out of the crib mattress. If the mattress has ventilation so it will make it fresher and no odor.

7. Dual-sided Mattress

A mattress with dual-sided feature will be useful if your baby is a little older. Your baby can use a softer toddler side after it is flipped.

Therefore, you should be careful in choosing a crib mattress for your baby. The mattress should be in a good condition and has a good quality as it is explained in the previous lists.

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