bedroom shelves for clothes covering shelves with curtains

7 Beautiful Bedroom Shelves Ideas For Clothes

There are many kinds of shelving for clothes which you take as your references. The right design will make your closet shelving become well-organized and efficient for the space and style. The combination of shelves and closets can create those purposes for your beautiful bedroom.

1. Mounted shelves

The shelves which are mounted to the wall are useful for keeping shoes, bags and other accessories. The shelves are painted with white color and have a silver metal pole to support the shelves. It can be combined with cabinets’ drawers which are also painted with white color.

2. Corner shelving

The corner shelving is suitable for your small bedroom that needs more space. The shelves are pinned to the wall and then the clothes are hanged on the shelves. The common color which is used is white to create clean and neat looks.bedroom shelves for clothes covering shelves with curtains 7 Beautiful Bedroom Shelves Ideas For Clothes

3. Shelves with curtains

The installation of curtains for the shelves is useful to make a border for your bedroom and the closet space. Also, it will divide the space between your bedrooms with the closets.

4. Shelves with a tie hanging area

The hanging are for ties can be applied for open shelves in your bedroom. You can just install a hanger on the wall for your ties that are hanged. This will help you to organize different types of clothes not to be messed one another.bedroom shelves and mirror black bedroom sets 7 Beautiful Bedroom Shelves Ideas For Clothes

5. Shelves and mirror

It is very convenient for you to put a framed mirror near to shelves. However, you also need to consider the style and shape of the mirror. You need to choose a simple framed mirror in order to create a neat look for the shelves.

6. Shelves for Kids

For children shelves, you can make space for toys beside cloth shelves.

7. Open Shelving

This kind of shelving will prevent the swinging doors that can get in the way and take more space.

In conclusion, the kinds of shelves for clothes on your bedroom are various so you need to choose one of which is suitable for your bedroom’s interior and style. If your bedroom is small and need more space, these lists may useful to help you in designing your closet shelving.

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